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Service Submissive Distance Training Program

The pandemic saw many of us spending a lot of time at home, and despite that things with Covid seem more or less settled now (in the sense that we're not all dying from it anymore, not that it has been eradicated!) for a lot of you that hasn't changed with many companies having come around to the idea of flexible working and working from home.


So this offers the perfect opportunity for you to use some of that time to work on yourself and improve your status and skills as a service submissive, which you can do by completing My new distance training program by performing tasks in many different areas of servitude from home.


As you complete different categories of the training program, you will be awarded with a certificate of accomplishment and proficiency as well as a record of tasks completed, awarded to you by a professional and lifestyle Mistress with over 20 years of experience and respected member of the Femdom community (Me!), so participating in this training program will result in an official, verifiable record of slave achievement so that when you approach a Mistress in future, you will have the evidence to back up your claims of ability and devotion, and therefore stand out from the ocean of time wasters that bombard Mistresses every day.


As you may well have experienced, even as a serious submissive it can be extremely difficult to grab the attention of the right Mistress for you, especially if you are unable to attend in person sessions. What with everything being online these days, We receive hundreds of messages every day from subs desiring to be owned, all claiming to have the skills and devotion that we require but that ultimately turn out to be falsely advertised, even those that start off so promising, end up letting us down. The serious Dominant Ladies of the Femdom community have reached a point where we no longer offer a single one of you the benefit of the doubt, but participating in this training program could finally change that.


To be clear, this training program is not an opportunity to engage in the kinky tasks of your dreams that get you off all the time, though there is an element of that, the purpose of this program is to give you the opportunity to prove once and for all that you have the characteristics, skills and dedication that Mistresses desire in the perfect submissive.


The program is divided into 2 types of categories. The first type of category are the “Utility” categories and there are 6 of these: Financial Support, Self-Care, Submissive Characteristics, Devotion, Online Service and Domestic Service. These 6 categories of tasks reflect the fundamentals of being a service slave, this is the minimum any Mistress would expect from a submissive before she would even consider ever "owning" you. They are the different ways that you need to be useful to a Mistress OUTSIDE of kinky play time and are all compulsory.


Each and every task in all 6 of these categories must be completed, some of them consistently, on a monthly, weekly or daily basis for a minimum period of 12 weeks before you will be awarded a single certificate. The financial support category counts twofold, to demonstrate your ability to make small sacrifices in order to support your Mistresses business and treat Her, and to compensate Me for the time put into this training program, for your continued assessment, certificates, and the other benefits that come from being in the program that are detailed below. There are certificates offered for different tiers of financial support from bronze to diamond, but in order to stay on the training program every participant is only expected to complete the financial support tasks on the lowest bronze tier, which come in at no more than £100 a month. If you have the financial availability to aim for a higher tier certificate then you may do so.



The second type of category reflects your abilities as a sub in specific BDSM practices, there are 10 categories, not exhaustive but representing a multitude of popular practices with tasks that can be done alone at home in one way or another. These categories are: Chastity, Sissyfication, Cock/Anal Slut, Pain Slut, Boot Bitch, Foot Slave, Cum Eater, Humiliation, Degradation, Bondage&Confinement.

Each of these 10 categories is optional, you may choose to complete one or more of these categories and set your own goals, but every task within each category must be completed to earn the certificate for it, though some of these categories have a couple of extra credit tasks that are optional.


A copy of the training program and it’s tasks can be downloaded here: FULL TRAINING PROGRAM.


You will need to have a PC Program or phone app capable of opening excel type documents to view it.

Make sure you fully read and understand the tasks expected of you before you commit to this program, particularly when it comes to the BDSM practices categories, the goal of the program is to make sure you are fully proficient in each category, but some of the tasks may push you out of your comfort zone, other tasks may require you to make small investments in equipment or other things, the financial support tasks require you to make small monthly financial commitments to me, so you need to be prepared for all that.

As part of your training program you will be provided with a training journal, you will need to download the google docs app on your phone (though most phones already have it included with the google apps) where you will be able to access and update your journal, and I will be able to see your entries to it. The training journal includes monthly, weekly and daily task checklists to help keep you on track, you can add photos to it and when you choose your BDSM category goals you will add them to your journal to help plan your tasks.


While many of the utility tasks require consistent completion over a minimum period of 12 weeks, if you choose to complete many of the BDSM categories, depending on your personal life and obligations, it may be that it takes longer than 12 weeks for you to complete all your tasks in those chosen categories as well as the utility tasks. You have as much time as you need to achieve all your goals in this training program, but if you do go beyond the 12 weeks, you are obligated to continue all the monthly, weekly and daily tasks from the utility categories until you have fully completed your program. If you go beyond 12 weeks, you will be granted extra credits on your certificates for extended and prolonged utility service. If you manage to complete all the utility tasks and every one of the BDSM categories, so earn a certificate for ALL 16 categories, you will be awarded the additional accolade of “Domina’s Best Boy”, and 2 extra certificates for best boy and full program completion and a prize of free 3 months subscription to My LoyalFans exclusive content.

All program participants who complete the utility categories and whatever BDSM task categories they set for their personal goals at the start, will receive an invitation to become one of My owned “Domina’s Devotees” (though this honour comes with it’s own obligations that you will be expected to meet on a monthly basis to maintain such a privileged status.)


All participants of My training program will be added to My private Telegram trainees chat group, where you will be able to chat with Me and ask any questions you might have throughout your training program, chat to and receive support from other participants of the training program, and upload verification videos of your tasks. You will need to film yourself performing many of the tasks, so you will need to purchase a balaclava if you wish to maintain your privacy and not show your face.


Of course there are benefits to being my service trainee too: In My private Telegram group you can chat with me anytime during My work hours (within reason), You will receive a fortnightly video/cam call to discuss your progress, regular video messages from Me posted in the chat group and exclusive tease pics & clips. You can make reasonable requests for tease clips, I will try to honour them schedule allowing, and if you are opting to complete the chastity category I will monitor progress of this through the group too (my usual key holding fees are waivered in light of the financial requirements covered by the compulsory utility tasks).


If you are ready to start the Submissive Service Distance Training Program, the first step is to subscribe to My LoyalFans, (This counts as one of your monthly financial support tasks!) then send Me a message letting Me know you wish to participate in the distance training program. Then you will receive further instructions to access My Telegram group so I can give you access to your training journal and other bits you need.

This is an incredibly comprehensive course for a relatively low fee if you select the bronze tier financial support, there is nothing else like it and it gives you the rare opportunity to develop and build a full, verifiable record of your commitments and capabilities as a service submissive slave. Any doubts from other Mistresses about your record can be double checked and confirmed by me personally, there is no better recommendation of your skills and character out there, so completion of this course will guarantee that you are always given priority consideration from your favourite Mistress. That alone should be worth your commitment if you are someone who takes service seriously. 


I hope you all realise what an incredible opportunity I have created for you here and see fit to take full advantage! 

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