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Domina Jemma & Vivienne L'Amour

Last week I finally had the opportunity to meet the gorgeous Vivienne L'amour of Celestial Studios in Derby, after she invited Me to session from Her dungeon for a couple of days.

I had a wonderful time and Miss Vivienne's hospitality was second to none, it was a pleasure to discover we had a hell of a lot in common, we really gelled and made a formidable Domme team! We are looking forward to working together again and I hope to be able to visit Derby again soon.

On My next trip Myself and Mistress Vivienne will be looking to do some filming so if there are any local slaves interested in getting involved please take a look at the 'Film Project Opportunities' page in the Collaborations section, and download an application form.

I also took some fantastic photos whilst at Celestial Studios including a couple more with Mistress Vivienne, they will be added to my Gallery soon so keep an eye out for those! (There are a few earlier photo updates still waiting to be uploaded!)

I'm sending a big hug and a kiss across the waves to the lovely Vivienne, and look forward to many misadventures together in the future! x

DJ x

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