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New Session Availability for 2018

New Year greetings to all my subs and fans, I hope you all passed a wonderful holiday season and that Santa brought you everything you wanted!

As many of you will have noticed (and no doubt worried about!) I have been completely unreachable for the entire last quarter of 2017 and all of January, it probably seemed like I just disappeared off the face of the planet!

I would like to apologise to my devotees who have consistently tried to contact me during this period to no avail, and to those who have sent me messages expressing concern and with many questions, but I assure you it was for good reason.

Without wanting to divulge too much detail or bore you with my personal woes, the long and short of it is that I have been going through a marital separation.

The coming about of this separation was most unexpected, and although peaceful and amicable, it was painful and stressful nevertheless. I worked incredibly hard during 2017 and spent a hell of a lot of time on the road touring, by the time the separation came around I was already very close to burning out and with the devastation of such a personal loss it was absolutely necessary to forget about work for a time and concentrate on my mental health and general recuperation.

The break down of my marriage has also meant that there have been big changes to my personal circumstances that in turn have affected my professional circumstances, the most notable being that I was forced to close down my Gloucestershire M5 Dungeon and vacate the property completely, as the cost of maintaining this property was a dual income deal and completely unsustainable on my income alone.

As a result, during my absence I have also relocated and I am now based directly in Bristol in the Kingswood area (East Bristol). It was not viable for me to remain in a countryside location on my own as I don't drive and relied heavily on my husband for transportation, so relocating to the city was necessary for my independence.

So what does all this mean for my session availability going forward?

By now a few months have passed since my separation, and while I can't yet claim to be entirely 'over it' I am feeling much more like my normal self and in a much better place mentally and emotionally speaking, I am ready to start again with rebuilding my life, and I know that the joy and satisfaction that my work gives me is the key to getting back on my feet properly. I have missed it and I have missed you, and I am ready to wield my whip once more!

However, whilst I do have a new property in Bristol from where I can conduct my sessions, there is still a lot of work to be done before I will have a fully functioning and proper dungeon in my new property and I don't envisage the completion of this work happening before the end of March, so in the meantime I will only be able to perform my sessions under the usual full time basis from a domestic setting.

In my domestic space it has been possible to place a couple of my dungeon items, namely a spanking/strap-on bench and a bondage table and I still have full access to all of my small equipment and toys, so it is still possible to perform a great number of sessions with ease in this space, such as anal play, impact play, mild bondage, role play and fetish scenarios. The sessions that will not be possible for me to perform until my dungeon is complete are mainly complex bondage scenes, suspensions and short to long term caging.

Although my location has changed my working hours and availability remain the same, so please check the Availability section of my website for more information about this.

I will also be recommencing some tours although not as frequently as the previous year, as the constant travelling really did prove to be quite stressful and took it's toll on my overall health, so over the next month I expect to be available for a day in Ipswich, and return to Dudley for a couple of days too. I hope to be able to organise a tour to London sometime in March, and I will not be returning to Italy until late spring,

As usual, the relevant sections of my website will be regularly updated with my movements and availability and you can also keep up to date with news by following me on social media, mainly Twitter and Instagram.

I would like to thank you all for your patience and support during this challenging time, and I look forward to reconnecting with my most faithful subs and meeting lots of new victims!

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me though the provided methods on my Contact page.

Wishing you all love, peace and naughtiness for 2018

Domina Jemma x

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