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50 Shades Parties

The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy has had astounding success throughout the western world, and while there are plenty of negative things I could point out about it and the concerns that it raises, the one good thing that came from it was bringing kink to the mainstream and opening up peoples eyes to possibilities they had never previously considered. The number of requests for workshops and classes I am getting recently demonstrates just how much the series has sparked peoples interest, especially the ladies! (Though it's really not that surprising when you consider that women generally watch a lot less porn than men and so have less exposure to sexual diversity!) 

We're talking about sex in a way we never have before, to have something as mundane as reading the same bestselling book in common with others, has brought a conversation to the table that previously would have been avoided in the majority of our social circles, and through a shared love of popular literature we have started to let down the walls that guard our secret desires.  

Women everywhere are gossiping between themselves about the books, exploring their own desires through discussion about the theme, and even fantasising about what kind of similar scenarios they might like to find themselves in. 

So it seems only fair that we should give these curious ladies the tools they need to be able to explore these new fantasies safely, and break down a few of those barriers to help you realise that it's nothing to be afraid of!

What better way than with an informal night in, just a few of your girls sharing wine and sex tips! 

Much like the Ann Summers / hen night style party, but instead of buying toys you're learning how to really get the best from them and give your partner the night of his life!

You and your friends can get together with a bottle of wine, and have a good giggle whilst learning new sexy, kinky techniques. As a group activity it's a very affordable option, and I hold the parties in my dungeon that is fully equipped with a lot of fun toys to learn about, and I will also provide a poor little sub to act as your guinea pig so you can get a handle on technique.

The kind of things we cover will be light practices that you can start to explore safely with, nothing too heavy or that can get you into trouble, just some mild fun to tease your senses and get your imagination going! If there are particular things that you are curious about then we can cover each of those too. The duration will be approximately 3 hours.

Some of the things we will look at are:

* Role Play

* Spanking

* Light Bondage

* Sensation Play

 * Tie and Tease


and we will also cover some essential safety and the pro's and cons of being on the top or the bottom!

I host these events in my dungeon for groups with a minimum of 5 people at £30 per person and you can book your group in for any time that is convenient for you every day of the week.

A 25% deposit will be required to secure your booking and will be refunded only if a cancellation is made with 48 hours notice.


I will provide some drinks and appetisers for your party too. 

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