About Me

Mistress Roma, Mistress Bristol, Mistress Gloucestershire, Mistress South West, Nail Fetish, Glasses Fetish

I first discovered BDSM at the tender age of 16 (after experiencing a very premature sexual awakening!) and have worked tirelessly to improve My skill set ever since, expanding on My technical knowledge of BDSM practices with additional courses in psychology, anatomy and first aid. I have also studied rope bondage with some of the great Shibari masters of Japan and various others across Europe, and in addition to My role as a Mistress I am also a renowned fetish model and performer and have participated in some of the largest European fetish events such as Wasteland in Amsterdam and Boundcon in Munich. 

I operated on a professional basis in the UK for only a short time in My late teens before I made My first move abroad at the age of 20, and though I have been mainly based in Rome, Italy I have also lived and worked for short periods in Spain, Japan, Australia and Brazil, with regular tours and visits all over Europe.

In October of 2014 I finally returned home to the UK where I have been operating in the south west ever since. I am originally from Leeds.

I recently celebrated My 20 year anniversary of being a professional Dominatrix, so I come with more experience than most for a relatively young woman! 

My style of domination varies depending on the individual I am playing with and their personal energy. I generally don't like to make specific plans for my sessions (unless it is necessary for an extended and complex scene which requires a lot of negotiation), and I despise the question 'What will you do to me Mistress?' 

In My personal opinion, specifically programmed play results in cold and mechanical interactions, especially between two people that don't know each other very well. Everyone is different, has a different energy and provokes different feelings, so when deciding how to manage the session I need to look a person in the eye, have an informal chat and gauge their personality before deciding what to do with their capabilities. 

Being a Mistress is not something I do, it's something I am, I was destined for this role. I love My profession and I am extremely passionate about it, I love meeting new people and more than anything I adore discovering their fetishes and quirks and helping them to explore the darker side of their personality, that dark side is what fascinates Me the most about the human condition, but I believe that I was born into this role with a responsibility to help people explore this side of themselves and come to terms with their complex sexual nature in a healthy and sane manner, and that is something I am infinitely proud to do, every single day. 

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During My many years as a professional Dominant I have come to learn that the service I provide is much more therapy and education based than anything else. My position has enabled me to establish close personal connections with people's innermost intimate secrets and it is through those connections and thanks to my extensive experience in the adult industry in general that I have been able to help many of My clients - men, women, individuals and couples alike- with a myriad of sexual issues and concerns, ranging from sexual addictions, difficulties within sexual relationships, intimate communication, trust building, improving self confidence and even overcoming damaging or prohibiting belief systems. This has led Me to expand My services to sex and intimacy coaching and sexual education in general, I am exploring this avenue further through studies and became a fully qualified and accredited sexual therapist and intimacy coach, and more information about these services will be included on the site soon.

Age:                                       1984

Height:                         5' 7'' - 175cm     
Bust:                       UK 36D  Italy 3D
Dress Size:                UK 14    Italy 42

Corset Size:                                 30
Shoe Size:                UK 6/7    Italy 39   

Eyes:                                      Hazel
Hair:                                       Black
Star Sign:                               Gemini
Nationality:                            English
Languages:                  English, Italian 
Smoker:                                (Vaper)
Alcohol:                                     No