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Tributes, Deposits & Payments

**For session prices please view the rates page in the UK Sessions or Italia Sessioni sections.**

On this page you will find all the information you need to make tributes to Domina, pay deposits for sessions or any other payment you may need to send. If you would like to purchase a gift online, adopt a bill through WishTender, or purchase a little something to bring to a session, then please visit my wish list page HERE.

Domina Jemma's Birthday: June 19th

Domina Jemma's Dommeversary: June 25th

Fund My Dream Goal

Subs, slaves and fans who would like to make a meaningful tribute can do so by contributing something towards my personal goals. 

I have always had a love of the ocean and it has been a long time dream of mine to learn to sail, after having been through a difficult few years I have decided it is time to focus on achieving what makes me happy, and I have taken the first steps to making this dream come true. It is an expensive endeavour however, so any contributions from my loyal subs, however small, would be greatly appreciated. I am especially keen to get this kick started again after Covid has greatly delayed My progress.
Even if every follower contributed a small amount, I would be offering sessions on the sea in no time!


If you would like to contribute to making my life long dream come true then please send a bank transfer with the reference "Sailing Fund"


Wishtender is a website that was set up about 2 years ago, by sex workers for sex workers, in order to receive tributes from our adoring fans without loosing hefty commission cuts or being at risk of loosing our accounts, and while maintaining the privacy and anonymity of the gift senders and receivers! It is has quickly become the industry's favourite site for tributes, allowing us to list desired items for you to purchase from sites that don't have public wish list registries or e-gift cards, and set up a variety of different tip amounts to cover everything from small morning coffee sends, to larger and more extravagant gifts like spa days or holidays, as well adopt a bill options.


The link to My own wishtender is:

You can treat Me to a cuppa tea, lunch or dinner, contribute towards new shoes, make up or dungeon toys, buy Me a block of driving lessons, cover one of My bills, treat Me to a spa day or holiday, cover a night out with My Domme friends, or purchase a specific item I have listed like a leather dress or a jewellery item. 

If you just want to send a random tip, you can just pick anything from the list that covers the amount you would like to send (as long as it isn't a listing for a specific shopping item) and tip that, way, there are listing prices that cover all budgets big or small. 

WIshtender is the ONLY site where you can write a reference note alluding to our profession without getting our account closed! 


It is possible to send Me gifts through My Amazon wishlist here:

Domina Jemma's Amazon Wish List

Gifts purchased directly from this Amazon wishlist will be automatically posted to my personal address.

Alternatively you can send an Amazon gift card for an amount of your choosing by clicking this link:


Personally I would prefer to receive gift cards for ETSY rather than Amazon, Bdsm toys & fetish clothing on Amazon tend to be cheap and ill fitting or poor quality, on Etsy there is a much larger collection of quality fetish and leather wear and lingerie as well as unusual toys and play equipment. Etsy is full of artisanal and custom made/fit items and My wish list is enormous!


Purchase Etsy gift cards here:


The email address to send gift cards to is

If you would like to send a monetary tribute that can be spent outside of Amazon and Etsy then please do so through WishTender or choose one of the payment options below.

PLEASE NOTE that I will not accept gift cards as payment for real time sessions, I cannot pay My energy bill with an amazon gift card, random gifts are nice, but My job needs to pay My bills FIRST!

Payment Methods

To make monetary tributes or pay a deposit for a session you can choose one of the following methods:

Bank Transfer:

Bank Name: Lloyds Bank * Account Name: JFF * Account Number: 60269560 * Sort Code: 30-91-99 * IBAN: GB48LOYD30919960269560 *


Due to new legislation that requires banks to confirm the name of the account you are sending to in order to reduce erroneous transfers, once you have entered these details and try to make the transfer your banking app will come up with a warning that says something like: "The name that you have entered does not match the registered name on this account, do you still wish to send?"

As long as you have the sort code and account number entered correctly you can click send anyway and it will reach Me. I Just prefer not to publish My full name on My site for obvious reasons, so I have only provided initials.
If you prefer to do a test send of £1 first to make sure you have My details correct so I can confirm to you that I have received it, I don't have a problem with that. 


You can easily find Me on Cashapp by searching My username - £DomJem.
(Cashapp is available for your mobile through your app store, you connect your bank/card details and can enter a username of your choice to display so that your money comes to Me without revealing your personal details.)

Once you have made a payment to me on Cashapp and our profiles are connected, it is then possible for Me to request funds of any denomination from you at any given time which you can then accept or refuse. I do not make requests unless you have previously given me the OK to do so, so if you are a finsub who would like to receive My requests to send through the app, then please put "Requests OK" on the reference of the first payment you send to me on Cashapp.

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