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I am happy to announce the official release of a documentary in which I participated in association with film students from the University of Gloucestershire. The film was featured in Feel the Reel Film Festival in Glasgow, San Antonio Film Festival and was awarded a Semi-Finalist Award at San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival!

I'd like to thank the director Molly Beresford and her team for this thoughtful, non judgemental look at the professional Dominatrix. Enjoy!

An insight into the day-to-day lives of a group of sexually empowered Dominatrixes and Mistresses working in the UK. This documentary unearths and disproves the common misconceptions that are associated with BDSM.

You can see more of Molly's work by viewing her Vimeo channel here:

I have recently done an article with the new Femdom Magazine Kink Queens and was honoured to be chosen as their cover feature for their 10th release, the fall issue of 2017!

You can view the magazine on line or purchase a printed copy HERE.

You can find out more about Kink Queens at

Domina Jemma Kink Queens Magazine Fall Issue 10

These are my covers of the Italian FemDom magazine "Donne e Dolori" (Women & Pain) for which I have also written feature articles.


Unfortunately it is only available in the Italian language and from vendors within Italy, but I didn't think that this would stop you all from enjoying the covers anyway ;)

Domina Jemma Donne & Dolori
Domina Jemma Donne & Dolori

If any of you are/were expats in Italy and/or can speak the local lingo, check out the latest interview I released for the agency Italian Sexy Models!

Another interview released for a site based in Montreal, Canada - Cult Sirens!

For my french fans (or whoever knows French!) Read the interview I released for the French web-zine:

Here you can all read the interview that I released for the New York web-zine Fixe Magazine, that talks about

my activity as a fetish model.

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