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My Fetish Paintings

I’ve mentioned before how the tools of my trade - whips and canes and the like, often feel like extensions of my own hand, and the same goes for the paintbrush!
 I'm no Picasso that's for sure, but some talent in the field I do have! Team that together with a passionately vivid imagination when it comes to fetish & BDSM, and you've got a collection of my own private thoughts, in colour on canvas.

Most of the pieces shown below are displayed on the walls of my own home. Many of my older pieces have already found new homes. If you would like to give a new home to any of the pieces you see here, make me an offer that will tempt me enough to live without it on my wall!

If you have an image of your own in mind that you would like immortalised, just contact me by email and we can talk about a special commission to your own personal requirements!

"Erotique Noir"

1st in a series of Fetish Art Nouveau, it will be hard to convince me to part with this one!

Sub Space

This was a special commision for a friend, and real twine was used for the rope work.

"Fetish Deity"

Fetish Art - What if the Indian god Ganesh was a pervert and put all those arms to good use?

"Bound by Nature"

A play on words, bound by nature, bound by her own nature.

"Secrets & Malice"

2nd in the Fetish Art Nouveau series. Inspired by a friend of mine, a very talented male Dom from SM club Roma.

"The Princess &  the pig"

A fetish fairytale brought to life through Art!

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