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Rope Lessons


I am an experienced rope enthusiast and I run 2 courses to help teach others, a basic knowledge course for beginners, and an advanced course including suspensions for those who already have basic experience.
The courses have a duration of 8 hours, which can be incorporated into your own personal schedule.
The course is designed for couples, one to tie and one to be tied, individuals will be welcomed however the cost will vary, as I would have to hire a rope model (also known as rope bunnies) for you.

There are ropes available in my studio to use, however it is advised that you provide your own ropes for the course, not only because you will need them to practice what you have learnt once you get home, but also the ropes in the studio are adapted for my own male slaves, and it’s important to always take hygiene into consideration.


There are 3 main types of rope used in bondage, cotton, jute and hemp.

Cotton ropes are good for not leaving strong marks on the skin. They require little maintenance, but are not really suitable for heavy suspension use.

Jute and Hemp ropes are more or less the same (though the odour is quite different). They require more maintenance than cotton ropes but are strong secure ropes for heavy ties and suspensions. These ropes can leave deep marks on the skin that remain a couple of hours, and can often leave bruises where the skin may have been pinched between 2 layers of rope.

I personally use cotton ropes for some things in my paid sessions as they dont leave as many marks on my visitors and are easier to clean, but whenever I can I much prefer Jute or hemp ropes, they are beautiful ropes, are nicer to work with because the knots and appearance is much tidier, and they leave really interesting marks on the skin.

Rope Sizes - Basic Course

To tie a male:

6 ropes, each a length of 12 meters, 4 to 6 mm diameter
To tie a female:

6 ropes, each a length of 8 meters, 4 to 6 mm diameter


 Rope Sizes - Advanced course and suspensions

To tie a male:

10 ropes, each a length of 12 meters, 4 to 6 mm diameter
To tie a female:

10 ropes, each a length of 8 meters, 4 to 6 mm diameter


 Where to find the Rope

You should be able to find rope suitable for bondage in any quality sex shop that has a kinky section, if not, there are a million sex shop sites online where you can find everything you need as well as specialist rope vendors. 

For Jute ropes I can personally reccomend the site based in the Netherlands but with International delivery. They sell fully treated and ready to use Jute ropes in all different colours, single ropes and full kits and many different accessories. I know the vendor personally and am the proud owner of some his ropes, and so I can personally guarantee the excellent quality that he provides! 

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