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D/s Courses

I like to educate and share my extensive knowledge of the vast and complex world of BDSM, and so
I offer personalised courses to couples who are interested in exploring BDSM and all it has to offer.

If you're just looking to spice up your sex life with something different, indulge and experiment new fantasies, or want to fully explore a D/s Relationship, I can teach you everything you need to know!

I also offer basic and advanced Bondage courses for rope and restriction enthusiasts. (See Services Menu)


For all enquiries about these courses you can contact me by email so we can discuss your interests and goals and I can provide a quote more suitable to your personal needs.

Dominance and Submission lessons, BDSM classes, kink workshops, 50 Shades lessons for couples, how to be kinky


 If you are just interested in casual play, and are looking to learn some techniques with toys and how to play safe, or are looking to develop a real D/S (Dominant/submissive) relationship and are not sure where to begin, then I can teach you everything you need to get started so that you can confidently develop and sustain a safe, healthy and happy BDSM relation.

 The courses are personalised to your own personal fantasies, and to work around your schedule.
 They include basic knowledge on all the topics listed below, followed by a more in-depth exploration of the areas that are best suited to your situation.

A D/s course covers the following:

* A comprehensive look at the many different practices of a BDSM lifestyle.

* Technique and practise with various instruments and toys.

* General Safety, and discussion of the rule 'safe, sane & consensual'.    
* The Human Body - Cause pain without causing damage.    
* The basic ideals of a typical D/S relationship.

* Behavioural aspects of each role.    
* The integration of BDSM into your personal and daily life

* Exploration of the psychological themes of BDSM.    
* BDSM in the local community, finding and socialising with like minded people, participating and playing in public.
Please be aware that is a fully 'interactive' course, and full participation will be required from both parties in the top and bottom roles.

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