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Now there are many different ways that you can stay in touch with me, by following my blog, subscribing to my mailing list, or connecting with me through one of my various social network profiles, but when it comes to discussing or making a booking, I prefer that you contact me directly using the information provided below.

I ask that those interested in booking a session ensure to have fully read the sessions section of this site before contacting me with queries in email. I receive hundred’s of emails everyday to which I am expected to reply, but I am just one person, and there are not enough hours in the day to make it physically possible to reply to every single email I receive. Therefore emails with questions whose answers are already discussed on the site, stupid or irrelevant questions and small talk (cut straight to the point please!) will not take precedence when I’m working my way through that inbox.

Please do not contact me asking me to explain the complexities of BDSM because you don't know anything about it, I am not a Tourist Information Centre! 
If you want to get informed there are a million support and guidance websites out there, made with the specific purpose of helping you understand. I do not have the hour’s necessary to chat away and explain even the basic concept of the key elements of BDSM, that’s why I have tried to make this site as informative as possible, but if you need to know more, do your research! Just like I and everybody else has had to at some point!

Mistress Roma, Mistress Bristol, Wax Play, Nipple Clamps, Hooded Slave

      Calls between the hours of 10am - 10pm only

 Please do not message me asking for permission to call, if I had to give every individual person permission first, just that task alone would consume my entire life! I put my number here for you, so don't waste my time & just call it!

*Permetto gli Italiani a chiamarmi su Whatsapp quando non sono in Italia, (sempre sul numero Italiano) ma assolutamente NO messaggi scritti!*


As I am generally an extremely busy person, I can appreciate that not everybody has the free time to get online and regularly check on blogs and social network sites and such, so the alternative is to subscribe to my mailing list to receive automatic monthly newsletters to your personal email inbox.
Fill in the contact form below with "mailing list" as the subject.

Where it asks for your name you can just write a nick name if you prefer, in the message you should take an extra second to provide your location, city and country, so you may be informed directly should I find myself in your area for sessions, parties or other social events.

You can also make a specific request for me to tour to your area by filling in the contact form with 'Tour request' as the subject.

Success! Message received.