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Model & Performer

My talent goes beyond just being a Mistress and the skills I possess permit me confidence and a natural presence on stage and as a Model. (My teenage years in theatre companies have probably helped too ;)  I love to get involved in many different SM & fetish projects, my shows are tailored to individual requirements and party themes, and in many of my photos I have been responsible for the background scenery, the make-up and the costumes, so my participation doesn't end with the pose!

You can find more detailed information below of my services as a model or a performer, I will gladly consider various projects within a fetish or SM theme, but it's worth noting that despite the erotic and adult context of my work, I am not a porn star! On a stage or in front of the camera, certain things I am not prepared to do!!  You should check my list of hard limits below before contacting me about your project.

If you would like to keep me in consideration for future projects it is possible to download a copy of my curriculum to keep on your records, clicking the links below.

Fetish Model, Fetish Performer, Alt Model, Latex Model, Show Girl
Fetish Model, Fetish Performer, Alt Model, Latex Model, Show Girl



As a model I have been involved in many different projects, from photography, to short clip video publicity, SM movies, live events, parties and fashion shows, as an interviewer for a desktop movie with one of Italy's biggest fetish researchers.


There is no limit to the kind of project that I can participate in, no matter what the media, if it's BDSM or Fetish and you're looking for an experienced, talented and intelligent input, look no further! If you think I might be the right person you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact me, I’m open to all kinds of weird and wonderful ideas ;)


I will consider TFP projects, though if I am required to travel you will be expected to cover the expenses. I travel all over Europe for most of the fetish events and parties, and I often remain in the city of the event for several days. So if your project doesn't have a deadline and you don't mind waiting until I will be in your city, or perhaps at the same event, then you can contact me in regards to TFP projects anyway and we'll see what we can organise!



As a performer I have personally created and performed various shows all over Europe. Wasteland in Amsterdam, Torture Garden Rome Tour, Bal des Supplices in Leon and Boundcon in Munich are just a few of the biggest fetish events that I have had the fortune of participating in! Not to mention the various shows done in what was my long term home in Rome and all over Italy. I have done a variety of shows from simple fetish or erotic shows to hardcore SM scenes, and my specialty, Japanese rope bondage and suspensions - Shibari.


If you are looking for an organised, carefully thought out performance, or something with more improvisation and crowd participation, I can create the perfect show tailored to your party theme and personal ideas, everything from the setting to the costumes, make up and equipment, and with my many contacts I can even involve other models and performers and organise an entire evening of varied fetish entertainment.  


I can perform at a range of different events, nightclub events and parties large and small, public or private, fairs and conventions, birthday parties or stag/bachelor do's, (or even hens/bachelorettes if your that way inclined ;) and also for those particular parties between business men, that I like to call   "corporate sweeteners" :) All you need to do is contact me and we can discuss your requirements.


As an overall rule I will only consider work in a DOMINANT role! It's not in my nature to be submissive, nor do I wish to be portrayed in that manner. So please don't contact me asking me to be a bondagette, or to be restrained or dominated in any form. I'm a giver not a receiver!

I have no problems with full frontal nudity but I will not permit close up, graphic shots or views of my genitals. I insist on class, not vulgarity.


I will not particpate in anything that could be considred standard pornography, it must always be a BDSM or fetish scene. I do not consider a bit of spanking or being tied to the bed during normal sex to be a BDSM or fetish scene. Get informed on the difference between real BDSM and kinky sex before getting in touch with me.


I will perform any hardcore SM practices and happily let a slave, male or female, taste and recieve my strap-on in a scene of dominance and submission, but I will not engage in any sexual practise that allows physical contact with my genitals, I will not be pentrated in any orophice with any object, nor will I perform sexual acts on other people. For the sake of a theatrical storyline I am happy to simulate certain sexual positions and acts, but always in a dominant role.


In the case of live shows and events with improvisation and crowd participation, I do not permit members of the crowd to touch me inappropriately. I know the idea of appropriate is slightly cloudy in this scene, but I learnt a strict lesson after a nude performance in Amsterdam of body painting with liquid latex!

After offering the tray of liquid latex to the crowd so they could leave their handprints on my body, one delightful gentleman decided to sneak up behind me and forcefully slip his liquid latex covered hand into my vagina - that was certainly not consensual! The irritation it caused was quite unbearable, not to mention the nightmare of having to clean out my intimate area of congealed rubber pieces. An experience I have no desire to repeat, and so if you would like me to participate with your crowd during a show, I will require the necessary security close by to deal with those who step out of line!
If you don't provide the security, then you're leaving it in my hands, and I have no problems giving a good hard slap to anyone who violates MY body.

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