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As many of My fans know I am a serious nail girl, I love my long sharp talons, I've been doing them Myself for years and I am quite the talented nail artist, even if I do say so Myself! 

For years I've been hearing the sissy's and T-girls who serve me saying they wish they could have nails like mine, but daily/family life does not permit the long term wear of salon extensions and the ready made press ons are either too boring or too small for male sized nails.

Well, I've decided to put My skills to use for the good of My girls and make the nails of their dreams possible in any size, shape or trend through a custom made press on nail service!

It doesn't matter whether you're trying to feminise giant man hands with extra wide finger nails or are genetically lucky with small slender fingers, I've sourced blank nail tips in every size, that can be shaped, painted and decorated to your specification! 

Below I have provided everything you need to order the press on nails of your dreams- a guide on how to measure your nails for the perfect fit, a personal nail measurement map so you can provide me your sizes and style requirements, detailed instructions on how to apply, remove and maintain your press on nails, a guide on the nails shapes and lengths I have available, as well as a couple of examples of My own pre decorated style sample sets, a gallery of My designs and an inspo galllery of nail designs taken from the internet to show you what's possible! 

Every set will be custom made for you, so keep in mind that delivery times will vary. I will have to shape, paint and decorate your set by hand (and in between My sessions!) and while I have an enormous collection of polish colours, nail art charms, glitters, stickers, decorations and more, I don't have everything in the world, so if you ask for a design element I don't have or can't make I may have to order them in for you, and most nail art supplies come direct from china so there may be a 2 week wait just for your decorations to be delivered to me. I will let you know how long you can expect to wait when you place your order and I see what design you're looking for, but if you have a specific event in mind that you would like to have your press on nails for, ordering a month in advance is a decent lead time to ensure they are delivered to you in time for your party. You can bring literally any nail design to me and I can replicate it, there are no limits!

The only thing I can't do is paint detailed portraits on tiny nails, but I have the technology and equipment to turn any image- photos, drawings, paintings, AI generated or otherwise into nail stickers instead! 

You can literally ask Me for ANYTHING. So what do your dream nails look like?


I offer 4 nail shapes in 2 lengths. The nail shapes- square, almond, coffin and stiletto are shown in My sample design images below, the length of these sample designs is medium - a maximum of 3cm from cuticle to tip.

I also offer long up to 5cm, however if you have extra large/wide nails there is a £10 surcharge for this extra length. The nail tip blanks I can get in men's sizes only come in medium 3 cm length, so for longer nails in extra wide sizes I have to manually extend them, which is a time and material consuming process.

If your largest nail is wider than 14mm, you require the extra large men's sizes so for long 5cm length they will need to be extended. The largest sized tip I am able to source is for a maximum width of 20mm (but this should be large to cover everyone unless your a freakishly sized giant!).

If your largest nail is 14mm or less, your fingers fit standard women's sizes and I can source premade longer tips without the need to extend.

Square & Sassy.jpg
Stiletto & Vampy.jpg
Almond & Clean.jpg
Coffin & Coquette.jpg


The designs featured in this gallery were all created by Myself, some of them go back years and years as I've been doing My own nails for about 2 decades, the older designs were created with air dry polish which was much trickier to do art with, my nails, personal style and skills have evolved and improved a lot since then and I only use gel now as it's much harder wearing and much easier to create high quality art with.

Over the last year I've really been enjoying doing special effects nails, I've amassed a collection of thermal colour changing paints and pigments, I recently encapsulated NFT tag microchips in my acrylic extensions, which opened my twitter account if I tapped the back of someone's phone, and I have a couple more tricks up my sleeve that I'll be revealing in some designs for my own nails this year!


These designs were not created by Me, they were taken from the internet and are here to give you inspiration but I can replicate any one of them. Many of these are from My own personal inspo folder of styles and techniques I would like to try, but as I'm not the kind of girl who likes pink and bows and frills, I've sourced some additional inspo images for my girly girls! ;)

Designs do not have to replicated exactly, you can change any element such as the colours or decorative elements, or add new elements to them., and inspiration doesn't just have to come from other nail designs, I am often inspired by textures in nature, jewellery, fashion etc!



Your custom press on nails come in their own display case for safe keeping (the image contains a sample set of 5 for display purposes, your set will of course include 10 nails!), also provided is a nail file and cuticle stick, 4x alcohol wipes and 4x adhesive glue tabs. Below are instructions on how to use this kit to apply your nails, these instructions will also be sent to you in your order confirmation email.

You can also order extra glue tabs and alcohol wipes, details in the prices section.

I provide adhesive glue tabs instead of a bottle of nail glue with my sets for very specific reasons -

Glue tabs are more suitable for very short term wear like a cross dressing session or a fetish party, they are much easier to remove than conventional glue and removal of them does not hurt or damage the natural nail nor do they leave any difficult to remove residue and therefore clues, that you were ever wearing them at all.

Most importantly, using glue tabs means that you can wear your custom press on nails again and again. Using conventional nail glue only allows you to wear them 2 or 3 times, eventually the build up of nail glue on the underside of the press on will prevent it from sticking to your natural nail properly, then they are as good as useless. Both the underside of the press on nail and the surface of your natural nail need to be smooth and free of build up/debris to get good full coverage adhesion that will last many hours if not a couple of days.

Once you remove them the glue tabs are easy to peel off using tweezers leaving your press on nails good as new. Any sticky residue on the press on nail or your natural nail can be easily removed with an alcohol wipe.


While I recommend glue tabs for very short term wear, once you get the hang of applying them properly they can last as long as 3 days if you are careful with them and avoid over exposure to moisture.


Press On Nails Application Instructions.jpg


Before you can place your order I need to know the size of each of your nails, use this "How To Measure" guide to accurately measure the width of your nails, then record your sizes along with some info about your preferred shape, style and colours on the personalised measurement map. You can save a copy of the measurement map, then use the built in photo editor on your phones gallery app to add the necessary text.

Once you have filled in your personal measurement map, email it to me along with some design inspiration photos and additional info about your design requirements. 

I will then respond to confirm your order request, clarify any details about your design, inform you of any potential surcharges and approximate delivery time and to request payment. I may also send you some images of colours and decorations I have for you to choose from.

Payment for your custom nails can be made by bank transfer or by tipping the corresponding amount on My Tip Funder or Throne profile. Details and links to these payment methods will be provided in the order confirmation email I send to you.

As every set of nails is custom made to your specification, once you have made your payment and the work has started refunds are not possible except in the circumstances of reasonable delivery damage.
I will do My best to create your dream design, but that requires clear communication on your part, I can try to make changes to the originally requested design, but this may not always be possible depending on how much work I have already done when you request that change. Refunds will not be offered because you decide you don't like them or they don't suit you like you thought they would, be sure and clear about your design requirements to avoid disappointment.

How to measure nails.webp
Nail Measurement Map.jpg




The basic set starting price is £40 including postage. 

For long nails more than 3cm on a set for large finger nails wider than 14mm there is an additional fee of £10. 

Additional charges may apply depending on the amount and type of 3d charms and decorations you request. I will always include a reasonable amount, but if for example, you request a full set of 10 completely Swarovski encrusted nails, they are going to require £20 worth of crystals and so a surcharge would have to apply. 

I will inform you of any decorative surcharges in the order confirmation email I send you after receiving your design request and personal measurement map.

I also offer discounts on orders for multiple sets:

2 sets: £70 (not including extension or decorative surcharges)

3 sets: £100 (not including extension or decorative surcharges)

You can also purchase additional sets of alcohol wipes and Glue tab sheets, 10 of each for £3.

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