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UK Collaborations


As well as regular filming every Tuesday with Nikky French and with Guests such as Giada Da Vinci, I am also currently working on organising a series of films focused on anal and forced bi and I am looking for experienced subs comfortable with playing on the harder side of things (large dildos, fisting, face fu*king, hard bondage etc) to participate.

Though I am mostly looking for bi males willing to perform on each other as well as with Me, I will consider a couple of non bi subs for performing just with Myself too. More information can be found about this particular project below

If Interested you need to fill in a model application form which will ask you to list your experience, capabilities and limits in order to choose you for the right scene and also partner you with a compatible person in a bi scene.
Below is a link to download the model application form but please carefully read the legal information provided before you download a form, as this information is integral to being able to make a decision about whether participating is the right thing for you.

Before filling in the Application Form please read carefully the following important information:

  • You must be over the age of 21 to participate in these projects.

  • All the information in your application including any photos will be kept private and will not be shared with third parties. Your information may sometimes be shared with film makers, producers, photographers etc. but only after you have been informed of my interest in your services for a project, after which you will provide written consent permitting the directors of the project to review your profile. In these cases several candidates may be contacted for the same project, the project directors and myself will choose the best candidate from those that have provided the consent to be reviewed by third parties.

  • Participation in my projects is not paid employment nor is it a free session, a tribute will still be required for the privilege of Mistress’s attention. Tributes may vary depending on the project but will normally be less than the standard session rate, you will be made aware of the project tribute amount before you agree to participate but all tributes for film and photography projects must be paid in advance to secure your place. The Mistress incurs great costs when organising projects of this nature, photographers, filmographers, locations, equipment etc. all have to be paid for in advance and a no show or last minute cancellation from a model leaves Mistress seriously out of pocket with no content to show for it. For that reason risks cannot be taken on time wasters and the tribute must be made in advance, so only those serious, reliable and certain of their availability need apply.  The tribute is not refundable in the case of a cancellation or no show and cannot be carried over to another project. The tribute must be paid through bank transfer so please ensure that this is viable for you before sending in an application. You will be provided a receipt for proof of payment.

  • For each project you participate in you will be required to sign a release form relinquishing ownership rights and permitting publication of all recorded material. The release form is a contractual agreement between model and producer and is legally binding, so you will be required to provide a real first and last name, address and a copy of your identification for proof of age. Some websites that host the adult content of their users require that copies of all models documents (release form/ID) are provided in order to be able to upload the content in which the models feature, in which case your information would be protected under the privacy laws that such sites are held accountable to. Otherwise, your information will be kept in my personal and private files and will not be viewed by or shared with any third party except in the circumstances that I may be legally obliged by authorities that make a request to see these documents via the necessary court order.

  • For certain projects, it will be necessary for models interested in participating to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they can receive detailed information about the project in which they are to participate, in order to protect the intellectual property and ideas of Domina Jemma. As with the model release, the NDA is a legally binding contract and requires your real personal details. This will be kept under the same privacy constraints as your release and ID.

  • It should be noted that the personal information you provide will NEVER be included in or connected with the created content or published anywhere without your express written consent. (There is an optional clause that covers you for this in the model release contract.)

  • Depending on the project you may be given a copy of all finished and edited video and/or photo footage for your private viewing, but you are not permitted to distribute such material under copyright law and as per the model release contract. Anyone found to be sharing, publishing or distributing the material will be prosecuted for copyright theft, breach of contract and resulting loss of earnings.

  • All applications should be from those in a submissive role only, unless you are a dominant male with bisexual/gay tendencies – please make a note of it in the comments section.

  • Be honest about your capabilities! This is not an opportunity to impress me with what you think I want to hear, this is your opportunity to make sure you are selected for the right projects for you, if you turn up on the day unable to do the things you said in the application I’m going to be far from impressed and you will not be reselected for future projects.

  • Where necessary you will be given instructions on what you need to bring to the shoot, otherwise you need to arrive to the shoot punctually with a driver’s license or passport, freshly showered and completely sober. Anyone believed to be under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances will be turned away from the shoot and the tribute will not be refunded.

  • Participants must be 100% comfortable with being surrounded, watched and photographed/ filmed by men whilst they perform. Most of the producers I collaborate with and indeed those on my own personal team are all male, so if having another man present whilst performing very intimate acts makes you uncomfortable then my projects are unsuitable for you.

  • Refreshments will be available for every shoot, and where a project runs longer than 4 hours food will also be provided. If you have any special dietary requirements or allergies you should include this information on your application, along with details of any other injury or illness from which you may be suffering, and any medications you may be taking. This information is vital to ensuring your continued safety throughout the duration of a shoot.

  • After acceptance of these terms and in coming to an agreement with me on a projects details, (content, date & time, location etc.) you will be instructed to make the tribute payment and you will have 24 hours to do so via paypal or bank transfer, if the tribute is not received within the 24 hour period your placement will be offered to the next available person instead.

With the coming crackdown on adult content by the UK government it is extremely important to do things exactly by the book. Some of these policies are in place to protect you as much as myself and should be taken very seriously. An agreement to participate in explicit adult content with the current political climate should not be taken lightly.

Click the DOCX symbol to download a copy of the Model Application Form

Click the PDF symbol to download a copy of the Non Disclosure Agreement

Please edit document or print, sign and scan then forward a completed copy of these documents to me in email to:

Information Regarding My Forced Bi project

For this project I am looking for slaves who can handle the extreme end of things, so as well as being filthy enough to get your gay on, I want slaves who can handle very restrictive bondage, a good throat fucking, extreme humiliation and degradation as well as a good beating.

I will also be looking to do some outdoor filming when the weather gets warmer (out in the surrounding countryside where there is no one around!) so if you are interested in that make sure you fill in the appropriate sections of the application form.

For this project all participants will be required to wear a mask that I will provide and that fits in with the ‘theme’ of my film series. The mask covers the upper half of the face leaving the mouth free to perform, but if you have tattoos or other distinguishable marks you are responsible for bringing your own outfit that can cover your tattoos/marks but still leave the important parts of your body free for performing. (Chest, backside, genital area)

If you would like to know more about the theme of this film series before the day of the shoot you will need to print, sign, scan and return the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) form included with the documents you received in your application pack. Those who are selected to participate in the first films of the series will be required to sign the NDA on the day of the shoot if you do not sign it and send it to me beforehand.  This is to protect my ideas and original content, I wouldn’t want these ideas to be leaked and copied by someone else before I even get a chance to publish my content therefore proving that the original concept is mine!

If you prefer to wait until the day of the shoot to sign the NDA and discover the theme of this film series that is fine, this information is not integral to making a decision about your participation as long as you are happy with the practices mentioned above.

My availability for shooting the first films of the series will be on weekends, and potentially Thursdays but that must still be organised and confirmed, so the film slaves available on weekends will be selected for the first shoots. The first clips will be filmed in my private dungeon in Gloucestershire (M5 junction 13/14) and each shoot will last approximately 2 hours, you will be provided with refreshments and there is a shower and towels available to wash up afterwards. I am looking to organise the first shoot for sometime early March. If there are particular dates or weekends that you are never available please mention this in your application.

The tribute required for participation in these films is £100 per person per shoot (so if you come to shoot with me in February and then again in March you will pay £100 for each shoot) and this must be paid in advance. More information about paying the tribute is included in the important information above, please make sure you read this very carefully before filling in and submitting your application form, as it includes important details that are vital to being able to make a decision about your participation in my films.

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