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UK Sessions


I now offer group sessions on the first Wednesday of every month for forced bi activities as trying to organise them between just the two of you ad hoc has proven too difficult. Forced Bi group sessions have different booking requirements from my usual one to one sessions, a deposit will be required and the group sessions are offered at a lower rate. You can find more information about these group sessions and how to get involved by visiting my detailed blog post here: Booking a Forced - Bi Session WIth Me.


£30 per week

£50 per month

For those into long term chastity I offer a key holding service for which you can pay a weekly rate if you're not feeling too brave, or a discounted monthly rate as extra incentive to stay in chastity longer. 

You will need to get your own chastity belt as it's a very personal item and preferences vary, it is important that it fits comfortably for you and there is a lot to consider when it comes to wearing a device all day everyday and maintaining your hygiene. 

For more information about My key holding services and how monitoring works click HERE

I will not put Virgins in chastity! I insist that you have had great sex at least once before I cage you, otherwise how could I be sure you were truly suffering in chastity if you don't even really know what your missing? *Sadistic Grin*



There are few limits when it comes to games of imprisonment. From a simple police arrest, to a military interrogation, you can be a restrained mental patient, a caged animal, or even kidnapped from a public place to find yourself in captivity. You could be a convict arriving at prison subject to a cold hose down and an anal inspection, the possibilities and fantasies are endless. 

My studio is equipped with a beautiful cage perfect for such occasions, for short periods or even several days!

All that remains is for you to contact me by email with your role play fantasy so we can discuss how to make it become a reality...


Caging Only (price per hour)      £50

3 Hours Caging + 1 Hour Session  £300


4 Hours Caging + 2 Hour Session  £450

6 Hours Caging + 2 Hour Session  £550

Overnight Caging 8 Hours + 2 Hour Session  £650

Overnight Caging 8 Hours NO Session £350



I NOW also offer an EXTENDED ROPE BONDAGE SPECIAL, You will be tied up, gagged and hooded and left alone in the studio, for every hour that you book your ropes will be re-tied into a different bondage position every hour to avoid cramping and joint stress, This kind of session does not include any interaction with me other than that required to tie you up each hour, you will be left alone (but closely monitored) until it is time to re-tie or untie you. This is also available when I am on tour, and I will accept travel on request bookings for a minimum of 5 hours with a 50% deposit and the travel costs surcharge but only to Leeds or Birmingham. There is a special discounted rate available for this type of session and the rate varies depending where I am on tour, please see My RATES page for more information. 


There are many ways to dominate you financially and it will all come down to how far you wish to take it. If you are not seeking financial ruin then we will need to discuss your weekly and monthly limit before I set up your schedule.

I can set up a fining system for your actions such as swearing, drinking and eating too much, chatting up other women, sleeping with your wife or driving too fast.
You can visit me in session and play financial games with me.
You can take me shopping and be forced to pay for everything I demand or face public humiliation and a slap or kick in the balls in the shop! 

Blackmail can be used in order to force payments from you, it's definitely my preferred method, I love to make you pigs sweat!

After sending me a gift or donation, proving that you are a genuine & serious money pig, you can then contact me by email so that I may decide how best to take control of your pathetic excuse for an existence, as well as the only thing you could actually ever be useful for, your income :)

JUDICIAL PUNISHMENT                                                                                                     

£££ Comes under standard session rate

In a judicial punishment scene you will be read your punishment and given your sentence, a set number of strikes to be counted as you receive them. You will be stripped, bound tightly over a chair or bench in a kneeling position and the top of your thighs and kidney area will be protected by rope. he punishment can be carried out with a range of different instruments, canes, whips, floggers etc, with full force strokes to the end without mercy or stopping regardless of your pleas, cries or tears. 

THERE IS NO SAFE WORD! If you make too much noise you will be gagged.

Judicial punishments will leave marks and/or bruises for some time afterwards. You may receive grazes and/or cuts and therefore bleed. Any injuries will be treated and aftercare advice will be given to you before you leave, you will only leave once you are fit to go.

 All equipment is sterilised before and after judicial punishments, I am happy to sterilise the equipment in your presence.

SISSY MAID TRAINING                                                                                                                     

£400 4 Hours

In a sissy training session you will be transformed into the perfect feminine domestic Maid. It is necessary an extended session of a minimum of 4 hours, for a complete transformation.


The session is divided into 3 parts, first the physical transformation. 

You will be forced to wear feminine underwear stockings and heels, a wig, make-up and of course a maids outfit!
You will also be subjected to enforced chastity and orgasm control, as a means of desexualising the male out of you! 

After proving to me your feminine grace and prowess in such attire, we will then proceed to the second part of the session; domestic training.

Under the watchful eye of this very demanding Mistress, and also by remote control methods, you will be required to perform a number of domestic tasks within my household, to a very high standard, in order to learn how to maintain a Mistresses home to her complete satisfaction.

Other than domestic maintenance you will also learn how to serve your Mistress properly in a domestic environment, how to present beverages or other items She has requested, how to properly set the dinner table for Her at meal times, how to prepare the bathroom before bathing and so on.

The final part of the session is a complete assessment of you and your work.
You will receive points for different things such as feminine grace, the ability to follow instructions, speed of response, enthusiasm for the work and of course the quality of the work. After the assessment, the punishment and rewards will be decided and applied! 
All your assessments will be kept on record for continuous review of your progress over longer periods of several training sessions.

THE 24/7 EXPERIENCE                                                                             

* 12 Hours = £700

* 24 Hours = £1200

* 48 Hours = £2000

I generally find that brief sessions of 1 or 2 hours is enough to fulfill most basic fantasies, especially at the beginning of a relationship during that "getting to know you" phase. But sometimes our fantasies are or become a little more complicated and require more time, care and attention.

I understand that most submissives that come to me do so not only to benefit from my guidance but also because unfortunately their private lives do not permit them such a lifestyle. Work, family and social obligations can make it impossible to commit to a fulltime D/S relationship, but that shouldn't prevent you from experiencing and enjoying all the wonders (and trappings!) of 24/7 daily slavery. Beyond the kinky games in the dungeon, the role play, and the punishments, wouldn't you like to know what it's like to fully serve a Mistress on a 24 hour basis, being completely integrated into Her personal life?

This is what I can provide for you with the "24/7 experience" extended sessions.

For periods of 12 hours, 24 or even 48, you can discover what it's like to kneel beside Me and serve Me in every aspect of My normal daily life. 
During this experience you will live as and be treated as a domesticated slave at all times, fully controlled, permitted to sleep only in the slaves cage, eat what I permit when I permit it, following My every order and begging My permission for every personal need. 
A number of duties will be performed by you, from personal services to your Mistress to domestic chores and public service, and as in any normal session, bad behaviour will be punished and good behaviour will be rewarded.

I recommend this experience only to more serious and experienced submissives. I will always respect your limits in regards to pain and psychological humiliation, and will always protect your health and safety, but I expect you to fulfill any task that is asked of you during your stay in My home. Anyone who fails to demonstrate the necessary respect towards Me, My home, My rules or My orders, will be severely punished and caged for the rest of his stay for wasting My precious time.

If you think you can book 24 hours of My time to do nothing but lie at My feet and masturbate the whole time, or only perform the tasks that you prefer, you can think again!
This is a fully integrational experience, you should be mentally prepared to live under the conditions set for a real slave and perform any number of ordinary or even absurd tasks that I may set you, without hesitation and without complaint.

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