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Birmingham tour and the birth of Empress Masokeen

So this weekend I have been touring in the West Midlands, and I took sessions from a cool multi-space dungeon with awesome equipment in Dudley - Klub Kink formerly known as Valhalla. I have had my best friend staying with me the last couple of weeks too, and she accompanied me on my tour to Dudley and joined me in my sessions.

She has been my best friend for something like 16 years, and she is a crazy, loud, outrageous, filthy bitch, and my heart and soul. Like myself she has always been into kink but on a more private level, and now that her child is a grown adult I have been mentoring her to come out into the public eye with her bad self!

She is a fierce leggy blonde, man eater and force of nature! You should all be keeping an eye out for her in the future... in the meantime catch her on twitter @EmpressMasokeen

Also on tour with me was my sub husband Mr Red Carpet and my personal pup, what the two of them don't know about audio & visual media production is not worth knowing, they are my little media guru team and are responsible for many of my beautiful images. But on this occasion at Klub Kink with the cool, sleek back drop. they have truly outdone themselves and produced what is by far my most favourite image of all time!

This image is known as a cinemagraph, which is a photo with a small and subtle animated feature. If you don't what I'm talking about then you should take a closer look!

This photo just goes to show how my subs view me.... :)

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