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Domina Jemma Relocating to Swansea, South Wales!


As many of My regulars will know My move has been a long time coming! The little flat I have been operating from in Bristol for the last 5 years was supposed to be a temporary stop gap to recover financially after My divorce. After just a couple of years I was ready to go and get Myself somewhere bigger and better, and right as I was searching, Covid hit.

That 2 year period of Covid that was also a massive hit to all sex workers finances made it pretty impossible to move, and in that time the rental market changed dramatically. Everybody's priorities for home shifted, rental prices increased dramatically fuelled further by the cost of living crisis of the last year, there were many more people looking to move due to being served no fault evictions so landlords could put the rental prices up by as much as 30%, and more, and it became incredibly competitive, with viewings for properties booked up on the first day they were made available online and every property receiving between 10 and 20 applications, making the landlords spoilt for choice on tenants. On paper I was the ideal tenant before Covid and could have easily afforded to stay in Bristol, afterwards, as a pet owner and a self employed person who took a massive hit on Her previous 2 years of financial records, not so much the ideal tenant with finances that couldn't stretch to Bristol anymore, especially when every landlord was presented at least 10 prospective tenants to choose from.

So while I've been consistently looking over the last 3 years, I've had no luck until now!! It saddens Me that these circumstances mean that I was unable to remain in Bristol and continue to be served by the loyal subs who have given me so much joy and pleasure over the last few years, but unfortunately the prices in Bristol are just untenable at the moment. I could afford to pay them, ridiculously high as they are, but I would have little left over to actually live with and I don't want to be paying someone else's mortgage four times over when I need to be saving for My own. Since I returned to the UK after spending 15 years abroad I've been hit with Brexit, a divorce, Covid and a cost of living crisis. I had hoped to be on the property ladder by now but keep taking hit after hit, and home ownership needs to be My priority before I age out of being offered a mortgage.

So I made the difficult decision to spread My search net much further and find something that offered good value for money, the space I need to continue doing what I do best but to a higher level, a chance to actually save and buy My own place, and a better quality of life for Me overall. That place, to My surprise, ended up being Swansea.

I'd never been to Swansea until I started viewing properties there, I was expecting something disappointing like Newport considering how cheap it is compared to everywhere else, but was pleasantly surprised and I quickly fell in love with it.

It's a really beautiful place, and having travelled all over the world for so many years, I love the proximity to the beach and the touristic vibe. The house that I have found while requiring a lot of work to fix it up, came at a great deal because of that, is in a stunning location with gorgeous views surrounded by parks and lush greenery, and is perfect for Me and what I need in terms of space and size, the biggest bonus being that it is only a 10 minute walk from the beach! So, sad as I am to go, I am also excited about My new home and ready for the next chapter of My life to start, it is long over due.


As any fellow renters will know, once a tenancy has been agreed things have to move very quickly, so I will be leaving Bristol before the end of this month, May 2023. I don't have an exact date yet, I already have the keys for My new place as it was already vacant, but I have a ton of stuff crammed into this little flat between My personal and professional belongings and all My partners stuff, there is much work to be done to get ready to "go" and I will be ferrying my stuff over there bit by bit over the next couple of weeks until I can figure out when I'll be ready for a final move out date.

It's going to be pretty hectic, but I will continue to take sessions in Bristol and have a farewell play time with My Bristol boys before I go.

I can guarantee sessions for the following week from Sunday May 14th to Thursday May 18th. That following weekend I will not be available as I will be busy moving as much stuff as I can over to Swansea.

I may have some availability the following week from Monday 22nd of May, but it could be sporadic as I make the final push to leave, so you will need to be flexible so I can squeeze you in where I can. I will not be taking any more sessions in Bristol after May 26th.

I am still trying to move house though, so keep in mind that My little flat may be a bit more hectic than usual with stuff stacked everywhere, the dungeon will be the very last space I pack up so that will still be fine, but the hallway access to My dungeon and My bathroom is going to be rammed with shit!

As always the best way to contact Me is by calling Me directly, I WILL NOT have time to check emails and messages, and it is paramount that you call Me before midday if you want a same day booking. If I don't receive any bookings by midday I will continue with preparations for My move and you won't have any chance of getting a same day if you're calling Me late in the afternoon.

I do hope to return to visit Bristol regularly, rent a dungeon and continue sessioning with all My loyal subs here, but it could be a couple of months of getting settled into the new place before I am able to start doing that. You are always welcome to do the 90 minute drive and visit Me at My new place in Swansea instead!


When I first move into the property in Swansea officially, I will not be ready to take bookings immediately.

The house I have taken on is huge, on 4 floors, is in a terrible state of repair after being trashed by previous tenants and sat empty for 3 years, it requires a total renovation from top to bottom and much of the place needs to be ripped out before that can even begin.

The landlord has ensured that there is safe electrics, running hot water, and a working bathroom before I move in, but the bathroom was basically derelict, all the plaster removed back to brick and concrete, the sink removed, the only thing that was left in there was a bath tub and plumbing (there is a separate working WC). The landlord has re-panelled the walls around the bath tub, sealed everything off and installed a new electric shower, so it's a new, clean and working wash space, but sat in the corner of an otherwise derelict room.

The room in which My dungeon will be located requires a lot less work than a lot of the other rooms, but it still needs to have the ceiling replaced, a full re-plaster, and the wooden floorboards sanded and repaired before I can put a more suitable floor covering down.

The existing ceiling will be torn down either before or as soon as I move in, and then it will be My goal to get that room sorted as a priority so I can get back to work, but how quickly I manage to do that will depend on what My finances look like after I get all the moving costs out of the way.

I have looked into dungeon rental in Swansea and the surrounding area as far as Cardiff, but have been unimpressed by the offerings in terms of condition of the space and equipment available. I was considering renting a dungeon so I could start taking sessions in Swansea right away, but after seeing what's on offer I'm not convinced that any of it is any better than what I could offer in a room that isn't pretty because it still requires a lot of work, but is clean, has a shower available and is much better equipped regardless.

So at the moment My plan for sessions in Swansea is as follows.

Even if I can't renovate the room immediately, it will take a couple of weeks at least, for me to settle into the house, and get the room well cleaned up so I can put My equipment in there. So I'm predicting that by Mid June (probably after June 19th which is My birthday!) I could start accepting sessions.

If you are ok with the fact that I have a well equipped and clean play space and somewhere suitable to wash but in a room that looks a bit grim and in a house that is essentially a building site, then you are welcome to come and session with Me there at My usual rate. If you would prefer instead to play at one of the local dungeons we may do so, but you will be responsible for hiring and paying for the dungeon for our session, on top of my usual session fee.

This is hopefully only a temporary solution, as I hope to have the dungeon fully renovated and properly up and running in the first 2 months of moving in, but being able to continue to work in the meantime means that I can make that happen much quicker! Of course there is a possibility that I could manage to get the dungeon all sorted within that first couple of weeks and there will just be the temporary bathroom situation to sort out after that, we'll have to wait and see!

If you have never enquired about booking a session with Me before, please make sure you have a good read of all my booking requirements HERE.

I operate very differently from what is the general standard of booking with most UK Mistresses at the moment, so please make sure you are well informed of how I prefer to do things before you get in touch.


As you all have probably gathered by now, I am taking on a rather monumental task with the renovation of this enormous property (all be it with the help of My partner who is a builder, hence why we're doing it, but monumental nevertheless), it will be ongoing for quite some time and there are plenty of opportunities to step up, help and serve.

Monetary tributes are the obvious and easy way to help. Moving is expensive, as will be the renovation, Us Domme's don't get paid time off and anything you can contribute to offset this enormous outlay will be received with immense gratitude. Whether that be with direct cash tributes through Ca$h App and bank transfer, details of which you can find HERE, or by purchasing housewarming gifts from Wishtender or sending Amazon gift cards to contribute towards something. I will be posting a link to a new amazon wish list that contains just housewarming gifts once I am officially living in the new house, so if you prefer to do amazon please just send gift cards for now.

I will also be requiring physical assistance and servitude too.

I urgently require subs based in Swansea that own their own car and would be willing to do tip runs for Me over the next couple of months.

As the only vehicle My partner and I have is a van, we will be charged for every single visit to the tip as only cars can tip for free at the Clyne tip in Sketty, we can't get tip permits for the van until we are properly moved in and have copies of bills in our name, and even then there is a restriction on the number of visits we can make. So on top of all the other costs we face over the next month this is something we would like to lessen as much as possible, but there will be immense amounts of rubbish taken out of the new house due to the renovation, not to mention endless moving boxes and any personal items we may decide to get rid of because we don't need them in the new place anymore.

I will also be looking for local Swansea based helping hands over the next couple of months particularly but also over the long term to help with stuff like demolition / house stripping, cleaning, garden works etc to get the property to a semi decent living standard while we continue with the renovation.

If there are any Swansea based subs who are hoping to serve Me long term on a personal basis and outside of sessions once I become a permanent resident, then this is your opportunity to show up, impress Me with your dedication, commitment, hard work and servitude, and really pave the way for your eventual ownership. I do no take on new personal subs to share in My personal life lightly, so if you are serious, then do not miss the opportunity to show Me who you really are and why I should consider you.

Even if you're not looking for long term ownership but would just like to lend a hand, please get in touch!

That just about covers everything gents, make sure you are all following me on Twitter @DominaJemma as I will be posting regular real time updates, changes to plans / availability etc on there as things move forward.

Thank you for reading and wish me luck, I'm gonna need it !!! 😬

Domina Jemma xxx


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