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Forced Bi Group sessions restart! March 1st 2023

Hello Gentleman! The long awaited moment has arrived, I am finally restarting My monthly forced-bi group sessions after a pause last year due to being off work from illness!


If you have never submitted an application for this event you will need to do so asap, you can find the application form HERE and it needs to be submitted no later than FRIDAY if you wish to attend next week.

The next group session is planned for next week, Wednesday 1st of March at My studio in Bristol at1pm for 2 hours, at a cost of £200. Arrivals and departures are staggered to maintain individuals privacy, so expect to be allocated an arrival time of anywhere between midday and 1pm and to leave somewhere between 3pm and 4pm. If you would like to attend please reply and let Me know no later than this Friday February 24th, I will use the weekend to review the applications of potential attendees and ensure that I can put together a compatible group, and if I succeed in doing so I will let all interested parties know by the end of the weekend, then you will have until Midnight on Monday to send your £100 deposit. Please do not request to join if you are not 100% certain that you can attend, you cannot request to join last minute. I review the application of every interested party in order to ensure we have a group with compatible interests that can work well and have a good time together, this takes time and organisation, so if you withdraw last minute everything has to be reviewed again, which is why I cannot accept last minute requests to join either. If you say you wish to participate then withdraw later on, your details will be removed from My invitation list and you will not be permitted to join in future events, so do not waste My time! I would also remind you that just because you decide you would like to participate, that doesn't mean the session will definitely go ahead. Compatibility is key in these group sessions, and frequently I get many interested parties for a particular month, but that just aren't into the same things at all. The most common example of this is receiving lots of interest from people who only want to bottom but nobody that want's to top, it needs to be an even group of both or versatiles in order to work! It's no good having a room full of guys that want to suck a cock, but nobody that is willing to have their cock sucked!

Hence the need to review applications of those who wish to attend to make sure you go together, either way it goes I will let you know by the end of the weekend. A question that is frequently asked is if you can cross dress for the session, you absolutely can if you wish BUT - you must have your own gear to dress in as I will not have the time to dig out stuff and dress you all Myself, and you CANNOT arrive already dressed, My studio is located in a residential area and discretion is important, if you wish to cross dress you need to let me know so I can factor this in when deciding your arrival time to give you time to prepare. I stagger the arrival and departure time of each participant so each person has the opportunity to prepare in privacy and put on a mask if they wish, before joining the other group members in the studio, so although the session starts at 1pm, be prepared to arrive any time between midday and 1 pm and leave anytime between 3 and 4 pm. ! If you have time restraints please let me know so I can try to give you an arrival and departure time convenient for you.

I think this covers everything but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and ensure that you do so quickly in order to have time to give Me your final decision by Friday!

I look forward to seeing you all debase yourselves for My entertainment boys!

Domina Jemma XXX


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