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No Longer Accepting Sessions in Bristol 😞

That's all folks, My move to Swansea is complete and My time in Bristol has officially come to an end.

The Bristol dungeon has gone and I cannot accept any more Bristol based bookings for the time being.

I do eventually hope to come back to Bristol regularly and accept sessions from a hired dungeon, but I need some time to get settled into My new place and get My dungeon here in Swansea up and running first. If you are not following Me on twitter please do so, all updates on My movements will be posted there:

As for all the boys in Swansea waiting for a booking, unless you're able to receive Me for an outcall you will need a little patience until I can get Myself sorted here!

The house I have taken on is huge, on 4 floors, is in a terrible state of repair after being trashed by previous tenants and sat empty for 3 years, it requires a total renovation from top to bottom and much of the place needs to be ripped out before that can even begin.

The room in which My dungeon will be located requires a lot less work than a lot of the other rooms, but it still needs to have the ceiling replaced, a full re-plaster, and the wooden floorboards sanded and repaired before I can put a more suitable floor covering down. Funding is incredibly tight, the move from Bristol to Swansea was very costly and My income is now limited due to not having an operating dungeon, so it may be a while before I can complete the renovation on this room.

I have looked into dungeon rental in Swansea and the surrounding area as far as Cardiff, but have been unimpressed by the offerings in terms of condition of the space and equipment available. I was considering renting a dungeon so I could start taking sessions in Swansea right away, but after seeing what's on offer I'm not convinced that any of it is any better than what I could offer in a room that isn't pretty because it still requires a lot of work, but is clean, has a shower available and is much better equipped regardless.

So at the moment My plan for sessions in Swansea is as follows.

Even if I can't renovate the room immediately, it will take a couple of weeks at least, for me to settle into the house, and get the room well cleaned up so I can put My equipment in there. So I'm predicting that by Mid June (probably after June 19th which is My birthday!) I could start accepting sessions.

If you are ok with the fact that I have a well equipped and clean play space and somewhere suitable to wash but in a room that looks a bit grim and in a house that is essentially a building site, then you are welcome to come and session with Me there at My usual rate. If you would prefer instead to play at one of the local dungeons we may do so, but you will be responsible for hiring and paying for the dungeon for our session, on top of my usual session fee.

This is hopefully only a temporary solution, as I hope to have the dungeon fully renovated and properly up and running in the first 2 months of moving in, but being able to continue to work in the meantime means that I can make that happen much quicker!

Some particularly good news I do have for you Wales based boys, I will be available for double Domme sessions on request with the fabulous Goddess Aveena! If you're not familiar with Her yet, check out Her personal website: or follow her on Twitter @CrawltoAveena

If you have never enquired about booking a session with Me before, please make sure you have a good read of all my booking requirements HERE.

I operate very differently from what is the general standard of booking with most UK Mistresses at the moment, so please make sure you are well informed of how I prefer to do things before you get in touch.

Domina Jemma xxx


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