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Announcing My return to sessions

As many of you may have gathered over the last few months, through several unsuccessful attempts to reach Me, I have been unavailable to accept session requests or maintain any kind of presence online, this has been due to health issues.

Shortly after Christmas I began to experience a range of symptoms which would have made it difficult for Me to conduct in person sessions. My vision was also badly affected and this greatly hindered My ability to be present online or continue to create and publish content.

As My vision seemed to be quickly degrading I went to the opticians to upgrade my glasses, and there My optometrist noticed something of concern and referred Me to the eye hospital.

Over the last few months I have been subject to a wide variety of tests and scans, until I was eventually diagnosed with a rare brain condition that is causing Me to have too much fluid surrounding My brain and is causing immense pressure both on My brain and on My optic nerves.

I won't go into too much more detail than that, except to say that while this condition is serious it is not life threatening and it is perfectrly manageable now that we know exactly what we are dealing with. I have already begun treatment, which includes but is not limited to frequent lumbar punctures to drain the excess cerebral fluid surrounding My brain.

I am also on a journey to restore my bodies general health, as many of you can sympathise with, it was my body that took the toll of Covid lockdowns and extended periods of inactivity!

I am assured by My neurologist that returning My body to a healthy weight and condition should put an end to the symptoms of this condition without the need for regular lumbar punctures. They say it is likely that I have always had this condition, but it was not exacerbated until I put on a few extra pounds over the lockdowns! So in a way it is lucky I did, as if this condition had gone on unnoticed I would likely have become completely blind! Anyway, all this to say that I am and will continue to be absolutely fine, My condition is completely manageable with regular check ups and treatment..

In the meantime the treatments I have already received have worked wonders, my symptoms have all gone and I am perfectly fine to return to sessioning again. I do have an upgrade to My glasses that I basically have to wear all the time now, but My vision was generally poor anyway due to being born with a severe squint and having a series of surgeries as a child to correct it, with age those corrections are coming undone, hence the need for increasingly stronger prescriptions! But with My glasses I see perfectly and the pressure to My optic nerves which was causing more serious visual issues has been relieved. So, if you have been trying to reach Me again and again without success this year, now is the time to try again! I won't lie, I've had a pretty miserable time with these symptoms over the last few months and it has been scary not knowing what was going on, there was a moment there that the doctors even suspected I had a brain tumor as the symptoms I was presenting with are very similar, so it was a relief to find that it was something not life threatening anyway! But more than anything I really missed working after having already taken too much time off for Covid, so to say I am excited to get back to it is an understatement!

If you are a serious masochist or like heavy and intense sessions you would do well to try to be among the first to book in, I have over 7 months of pent up aggression just waiting to be released on a willing victim!

Obviously during this time it has not been possible to read My emails, so I have quite the backlog to catch up on now My vision is good again. If you are interested in booking a session sooner rather than later, then please just contact Me by phone as per the instructions on My site rather than waiting for a reply, it could take some time!!

With regards to My content subscriptions on LoyalFans, while I am well enough to session again it is not the time to start overdoing just yet, so for the moment I will not be going mad with content creation and posting every single day, though I will post little bits frequently. There is already nearly 1500 photos and 150 tease clips to enjoy, as well as all My Femdom movies which are 50% off for subscribers, so if you've been thinking about giving it a go, just go ahead and do it!!

Lastly, I would like it to be known to My most loyal submissives and fans that My last treatment appointment coincided with both My birthday and My 20 year anniversary of being a Professional Mistress, so these are quite momentous occasions to have missed!! You can make it up to Me by heading to My tributes page and paying generous tithe to your Goddess!!! 💋

And that's all for this update, thanks for reading and I look forward to getting My hands on you all again soon!

Domina Jemma xxx


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