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Now Accepting Sessions in Swansea!

I know that you Welsh boys have all been so excited about My relocation to Swansea, in fact despite making it quite clear I wasn't ready to see you yet, you haven't stopped calling since I got here!!

Well you'll be glad to hear that you no longer need to be patient and I am now able to accept bookings in Swansea!

If you have never sessioned with Me before please make sure you familiarise yourself with My availability and booking procedures before you contact Me, I operate differently from what is considered the UK standard.

I'm sure you want to make a good first impression rather than become a pain in My arse!

You can get the low down on that HERE.

PLEASE BE AWARE that I am receiving your bookings in a TEMPORARY set up with essential equipment only for the moment.

The property I have moved into where My studio is located is a fixer upper. It has been stood empty and left to rot for nearly 4 years and requires a full renovation from top to bottom. Everything has been stripped out back to the bones, and it looks a bit like a building site but with people living in it!

The room that will serve as My dungeon has a little renovation work still to complete, it doesn't have a ceiling, all the walls need to be re-plastered and proper flooring put down (there are just the bare floor boards at the moment) it is not pretty, but it is clean! As a result I have not set up My full dungeon yet. I have only unpacked the absolute essentials so that they are easy to move / remove when I am ready to finish the work in there, which I hope will be in the next couple of months.

Completing & decorating this room has priority over the rest of the house so chances are you may only have to have your first session with Me in this temporary set up and by the time you come back (if you decide to do so!) it will likely already be finished with a full dungeon at our disposal. Please keep this is mind when booking your first session, I don't have the capability to take on complicated scenarios just yet, the only bondage furniture I have in there at the moment is a pegging/CP bench and a sofa bed to tie you down to as well as some essential toys and gear! I have more at my disposal than you might think though so please don't hesitate to check in with Me to make sure your required session is possible.

I do have a new working shower available but it is in an otherwise derelict looking bathroom! If you want a session that will require you to shower afterwards such as anal play or water sports, you will need to bring some sliders or flip flops with you to go to and from the bathroom, My studio is currently the only place that it is safe to walk barefoot. Towels and toiletries are provided.

I did look into hiring a local dungeon instead until Mine was fully ready but couldn't find anything in the Swansea area, the closest dungeons I found available are north of Cardiff or in Haverfordwest. and as I don't drive this is not convenient for taking regular bookings. If you know of a dungeon that you would prefer to hire then I am happy to meet you there for your sessions, however, you will be responsible for booking and paying for the dungeon yourself, I will expect My full session rate on top and a deposit will be required.

I would have waited until My studio renovations were fully complete before accepting bookings, but considering My phone has literally not stopped ringing since I moved here in May, I am under the distinct impression that while I could wait, you cannot! So now's your chance boys, I wasn't taking your calls before because I was just so busy trying to get settled into My new place and making an almost derelict house somewhat liveable, but I will now be answering all your calls so do get back in touch! I'm looking forward to meeting and playing with you all, and discovering which among you will become My most loyal servants...

Domina Jemma xxx


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