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Double Sessions In Wiltshire with Mistress Jane August 23rd

Good news for the South West based boys, I will be back in town (so to speak) to take double sessions with the inimitable Mistress Jane at Her incredible Wiltshire based studio on August 23rd 2023.

Mistress Jane is a MedFet & Milking specialist and has an amazing multiroomed play space, you may well be familiar with her quite famous milking clinic that was recently part of a twitter conspiracy theory when a celebrity posted a photo of Her milking clinic claiming that is was a Chinese government operated clinic that enslaved and milked their citizens!! 🤣🤣🤣 Well he was half right, enslaving and milking men most definitely does occur, but by this fantastic Mistress and Her guests and NOT the Chinese government!! LOL.

I am most honoured to be invited to this incredible and unique play ground to collaborate with Mistress Jane, and to make sure We have the most fun possible We are offering competitive and affordable rates for a double session with us, at £250 for the first hour and £200 for each additional hour after.

There has been quite a bit of excitement for our collaboration and several spaces have been booked already so limited slots remain, if you would like the opportunity to play with us you must absolutely NOT delay!

Mistress Jane is managing all the days bookings personally, so if you would like a slot you need to contact Her directly to Her email at:

Can't wait to see you there, it's going to be an incredible day!

Domina Jemma xxx


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