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Adventures in Italy

I just got back from 8 days in Italy yesterday, where I toured for a few days in Rome and then Naples.

As I lived in Rome (affectionately renamed by me as 'Rhome') for many years I return often to session with all my faithful subs from over the years and catch up with old friends, and on this occasion I was invited as a special guest to the first year anniversary of a great party organised by a dear friend of mine - Sadik Night in Naples.

It was a fantastic night during which we enjoyed pony races, a gigantic human carpet of many trample slaves, and as I have very exacting massage standards I was the judge of a foot massage competition that was won by the tiniest most beautiful young man who despite his pocket sized stature had some incredible strength in his hands and turned out to be the best foot masseuse I have ever come across, let alone at the party! I renamed him 'pocket sub' and almost bought a cat carrier so I could bring him home on the flight with me! hahahaha

I also finally got to meet another gorgeous, talented and well known Mistress from Northern Italy, the stunning Lady Godiva pictured here above with me and the fantastic Sadik Night anniversary cake, which was so tasty I sent a sub to sneak me a second helping! Good job I'm the Mistress and I'm allowed to be naughty!! I also got to take one of the chocolate shoes home, which much to my disappointment was just impossible to finish!

As some of you may have seen from my social media my favourite thing about returning to Italy is the food and I am fortunate to have many faithful and devoted in subs in Italy who like to spoil me while I am there and take me out to gorgeous dinners! I enjoyed the most amazing Amatriciana in Rome, pulled out some Kim Kardashian realness for the best pizza of Naples, and spent my last evening being wined and dined in luxury by a good friend and foot sub in stunning Sorrento.

After a fab trip I came home to find an Amazon delivery of epic proportions... at first I thought it was a gift from a mystery fan... turns out it was my Mum!

How well she knows me! Hahahahaha

I couldn't be happier with these stunning heels, I've been lusting after a very similar pair for a long while! Thank you mammina, only a queen would know how to truly spoil a queen! :) x

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