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A Guide To Poppers For Dom/mes & Subs

I've been noticing a trend recently of UK based Mistresses becoming increasingly unhappy with the use of poppers in their sessions, some even suggesting that they might stop conducting sessions with the involvement of poppers altogether, and other Mistresses that have never accepted the use of them in session, or initially worked with it then quickly discounted it as part of their services.

The vast majority I have spoken with cite discomfort, headaches, dizziness and nausea from the smell of them as the reason.

Some feel that it isn't worth taking the session if it's going to make them feel ill and they hate the way their dungeons continue to stink of it for hours or days after a session, some worry that these side effects have the potential to negatively impact their ability to be fully "in control" during a session when they are responsible for a subs safety, and some feel ill equipped or too inexperienced with the substance to know how to deal with a situation where a sub may have a negative reaction to it. (As excessively greedy poppers sluts tend to do!)

What a lot of people don't realise is that not all poppers are the same, and I'm not talking about the endless variety of brands, I'm talking about the chemical composition, the cleanest and safest of which is not possible to sell for general use in the UK as it falls under the Medicines Act of 1968 which states is can only be sold by licensed chemists. (It's only known medical use is as an antidote to cyanide poisoning, so it's not exactly widely available from your local chemists either). This particular composition of poppers is what poppers are commonly known as: Amyl Nitrites, and many people commonly make the mistake of calling all poppers Amyl, but it actually hasn't been possible to buy Amyl Nitrites in the UK for many years. Another common error people make is to refer to poppers as nitrates rather than nitrites, you will see them referred to as nitrates on many sites, but while both amyl nitrites and amyl nitrates both exist they are two very different things, poppers fall under the classification of nitrites.

There was talk of banning poppers altogether in the UK back in 2016, but LGBTQI campaigners pushed back stating that this would be discriminatory to users who require it as a sexual aid for anal relaxation and facilitating queer intimacy, so eventually that idea was dropped, but it's unclear if Amyl has been or will be removed from the provision of the Medicines Act so it can be sold commercially. At time of writing I still have not found anywhere in the UK where I can actually buy Amyl so it would appear not.

What is legal to purchase in the UK under the common name "Poppers" are three alternative chemical compositions:

Pentyl Nitrites Some popular brands of Pentyl Nitrites are:

Examples of Pentyl Nitrites brands, Everest, Blue Boy, Fetish

The popular brands of Amsterdam and Jungle Juice have many varieties of Pentyl under their brand name too, too numerous to list here.

Butyl Nitrites

Butyl poppers are widely held to be the safest alternative to amyl, but are very hard to find these days either in the UK or the EU, it's believed that they are no longer produced, but there doesn't appear to be any information anywhere on why that is. Butyl nitrites were very popular in the USA in the 60's, so it could be that some FDA regulation has caused them to be removed from the market, as American drug regulation tended to heavily influence global regulation back in those days.

Propyl Nitrites

Some popular brands of Propyl Nitrites are:

Examples of Propyl Nitrite brands, Rush, Jungle Juice Platinum and Bear Extra Strong

Propyl nitrites are the most widely available in the UK, as they are reported to be the most potent alternative to amyl, unfortunately these are the most harmful of all 4 nitrite classes. When purchasing these nitrites you may also find them listed as isopentyl, isobutyl and isopropyl.

With the exception of butyl that isn't produced anymore, these nitrites are vastly inferior and more hazardous products than amyl nitrites, commonly reported side effects of these nitrites are:

Intense head aches, dizziness, nausea and sickness

Heart Palpitations

Blurred Vision


Unusually prolonged erectile dysfunction for people with penises

Circulatory Issues (Blue lips, ears and extremities)

The last of these 3 nitrites, Propyl, can be particularly harmful, as prolonged use over time has often been reported to result in permanent blindness. Unfortunately these are the most widely available nitrites in the UK due to their potency., though connoisseurs will tell you that their potency pales in comparison to amyl. In comparison, the only majorly reported side effect of the use of amyl nitrites, is a brief period of erectile dysfunction for people with penises, and minor head aches if you use it too excessively, (especially if used excessively by those who aren't an experienced user).

So taking this into consideration, it's little wonder that Mistresses are suffering from the second hand inhalation of it during their sessions, and I can tell you from My own session experience that a lot of the more discerning poppers using clients aren't particularly happy with them either. My advice to both subs and Dommes who wish to use poppers in their sessions without having to deal with these harmful side effects,, is to source the amyl nitrites from Europe which are still widely available for sale there. Subs who like to source and purchase their favourite brands to bring to a session themselves should consider the negative impact these inferior products have on the Mistress while She often has your life in Her hands, and seek to procure the safer (and frankly much more pleasurable to use) amyl instead. Dom/mes can provide amyl nitrites for their sessions if a sub doesn't bring his own, and refuse to session with subs who insist on bringing their own UK bought stuff. Personally I only allow the use of amyl nitrites in My dungeon, firstly because it's much safer for Me and My clients, secondly because My dungeon premises doesn't have windows, and the stench of the inferior products can linger in My play space for days! It should be said that some people just don't get on with poppers regardless of their chemical composition, so you may still find that you don't get on with amyl either, but in the case that you would like to try working with amyl before making a definitive decision to stop using them altogether, I highly recommend: as a supplier. Unlike most poppers suppliers they clearly state what chemical composition of poppers you are buying, with a lot of sites you have absolutely no clue of what you are buying beyond the brand name, and all 4 nitrites can be sold under the same brand name. They are also reasonably priced, and have fast and reliable shipping. I have ordered from them many many times and never had a package late, lost or confiscated by customs. Pay particular attention to which chemical composition you are purchasing, as some brands may supply all 3 available nitrite classes under the same brand name but with slightly different coloured/designed bottles, or even mix nitrite types in one bottle.. So for example, not all Amsterdam branded bottles will be Amyl, some will also be pentyl and propyl, or a combination of the two, or combined with amyl. SO WHAT DO POPPERS DO EXACTLY AND WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE THEM SO MUCH?

The principal reaction to poppers is vasal dilation, it expands the size of blood vessels throughout the body and increases your heart rate so that your blood "rushes" through your system.

As your blood rushes through your brain it gives an intense feeling of being "high" and this dilation also causes the muscles of the body to expand and relax, including the anus, which is why it's so popular for anal play. Because all of your blood is rushing through your system so quickly, it can't concentrate in the soft tissues of a penis long enough to form an erection, which is why temporary erectile dysfunction is so prevalent regardless of what class of nitrites you're using.

These effects are only very temporary lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes, and if you are using amyl rather than the inferior nitrites then you shouldn't feel any lasting effects after it has quickly worn off. Essentially you can go from being "high" to stone cold sober in the space of a few minutes. It should be noted that the use of poppers, regardless of nitrite class, should NEVER be combined with the use of Viagra, Cialis or other erection inducing drugs, or any medication intended to thin the blood or clot it, thinners or clotters could cause complications as the blood speeds around your system. Viagra and such are also vasal dilators, so the combination of 2 vasal dilators coursing through the system is highly likely to result in blacking out, a heart attack or brain aneurism. Just don't do it. EVER. Poppers use is generally not recommended for anyone suffering from a heart condition as it is primarily the heart and blood affected by it's use. Despite what some greedy poppers sluts would have you believe, poppers are not an addictive substance. Even the sluts who use them frequently generally only use them for very specific situations, it's not the kind of thing you would need to take to work with you so you could have a quick huff under the desk because you're going through withdrawals. They serve a specific purpose during particular situations (generally sexual) and are not typically used outside of those situations. So why are they so commonly used in sexual situations? Other than the obvious benefit of anal relaxation it can be difficult to understand the appeal of them if you have never properly used them in a sexual situation yourself and if you've only ever experienced them via second hand inhalation of the inferior nitrites, particularly for women who are not the typical demographic to engage in poppers use.

But as one of the few women who has used them extensively as a sexual aide (In My early 20's when I was more experimental and eager to discover new things) I can understand perfectly why it's such a popular accoutrement to sexual activities. It's not so much the high on it's own, sure, it's nice, but there are plenty of other drugs that provide a far superior high to poppers.

Specifically, it's the poppers high combined with sexual activity that is particularly delicious.

To put it bluntly, fucking and orgasms while high on poppers are absolutely mind blowing!

(Fucking and orgasms while high on poppers AND ecstasy are COSMIC, but I digress...) It's difficult to explain to someone who hasn't ever used it during sexual activity, but the intensification of sexual pleasure is moreish to say the least, as a Domme, every act you perform on your sub while he is high on poppers, touches him at his very core resulting in an unforgettable experience every single time. I've fucked a hundred thousand times in My life time and can barely remember any of them, but I remember every single fuck I had on poppers in minute detail even though it was over 15 years ago that I last used them, that should say it all!

HOW TO USE POPPERS SAFELY AND COST EFFECTIVELY. The first thing to note is that poppers should NEVER be ingested, It's not for drinking, it's strictly for inhaling.

When not in use poppers should be stored in your fridge, the chemical composition of poppers can break down over time and with heat, reducing if not completely eliminating the potency, and causing more intense side effects, keeping them in the fridge keeps them fresh, though not forever.

If you haven't used them at all within 6 months of buying them,, bin them, if they are already open then they should be binned within a couple of months of opening at the most and only if you're storing them properly. You can prolong the use of them by storing them in an airtight container too, but I don't just mean a tightly closed tupperware tub, you want something with a vacuum seal. I purchased vacuum seal cannabis containers from ebay that were intended for containing the smell, they come in different sizes from small to large and I have one that can hold about 6 small bottles. I can keep an opened bottle in one of those in the fridge for about 3 - 4 months before it starts to lose it's potency. If you don't store opened bottles in the fridge or a vacuum sealed container, expect them to be dead within a week or so. Keeping the poppers cold in the fridge also prevents them for evaporating too quickly in the warm air of your play space when you open them.

Generally people use them by holding the open bottle to a nostril, using a finger to close the remaining nostril and inhaling deeply, depending on personal preference some may take a few inhales one after the other, alternating nostrils as they do so. Frankly, as a Domme who supplies the poppers for the client, and if you are someone who is really put off by the smell, this method is not ideal.

A sub will take several "hits" from the bottle throughout the duration of his session, re-opening the bottle again and again. Every time he holds the bottle, he's further heating the contents with his hands which degrades it, then every time he opens the bottle you're losing a lot of product through evaporation. because he's heated it.

Poppers evaporates very quickly when warm, so a sub keen on poppers use can easily get through a full bottle in a one hour session using this method, and every time it evaporates when opened, it's filling your room with the smell and affecting you too. I have a lot of subs who come to me because I offer superior Amyl poppers, so I invest a lot of money in them every month. It's in my financial interest to use them as efficiently as possible to prolong the use of them and reduce my costs, and this method is far from cost efficient. A more efficient and the most basic method of administering poppers is through a simple mask and container set up. The mask could be an old style military gas mask with a round, hollow screw off filter, or an anaesthetic mask with a sealable container that attaches to the tube opening. There are many variations of these kind of simple mask set ups, you can find them at most online kink toy stores and even on ebay and etsy, but all you have to do is slightly soak a cotton wool ball with some poppers and seal it in the gas mask filter or anaesthetic mask container. The sub can then inhale through the mask, and because the cotton ball is sealed in a filter or container, it doesn't fill your room with the smell as much, and it doesn't evaporate very quickly either so it lasts much longer.

For the first dose I'll let the cotton ball soak about half way through, then in an hours session it will only need a top up about once or twice, and for the top ups I put the open bottle to the same cotton ball, tip it upside down then straight back up again. Through this method an intense poppers user will only consume about a quarter of a bottle during an hours session, instead of nearly a full bottle by just huffing directly from it.

There are many, many more poppers inhalation set ups that can get more and more complicated, so I won't get into all of those. What I will say is that I wouldn't recommend any of these set ups if you are new to poppers use, but when you are ready to move on to a more complicated system (some of them can also incorporate other substances on top of poppers, like piss bubble bottles, NOS gas and more) be sure to contact the supplier of the kit you are looking at for information on how to properly use it as every kit will be different from the next. Complex inhalation kits tend to be a very artisanal product constructed from existing parts or created from scratch by kinky tinkerers rather than mass produced.

MONITORING THE SAFETY OF YOUR SUB WHILE USING POPPERS. As I mentioned earlier a lot of Mistresses won't entertain poppers sessions because they are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with managing the use and effects of poppers, but as long as you're keeping your eye on things and have made sure that your sub doesn't have a heart condition, isn't also taking blood thinners or clotters, Viagra or similar, or ingesting the poppers, then there isn't really anything that terrible that can happen during your session as a result of poppers use. Make sure you keep a bottle of water handy, poppers are still an intoxicant and continued use of them will result in a chemical build up in the blood, make sure they sip water regularly throughout the session to keep their system flushed. Some may benefit from a small sugary snack when the session is over to help restore their blood sugar. Make sure your sub breathes in some oxygen too! Some of the greedy poppers sluts would happily spend the entire session with that poppers mask glued to their face if you let them, don't! Make sure they take regular breaks from the mask every few minutes and do some deep breathing to restore oxygen levels in the blood. At the end of an intox session, don't let the sub just rush off, make sure he sits for at least a good 5 minutes, deep breathing and drinking water. Make sure he isn't suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned above, especially if using pentyl, butyl or propyl, and especially if they are driving home. Make sure they are clear and coherent before allowing them to leave. Water and snacks will help if they have the shakes. If you are playing with someone who doesn't a have a lot of experience with heavy intox, then heavy bondage is not recommended, if they do start to feel unwell it will be complicated to get them out quickly. I never do complicated bondage on a person who has asked for intox and it's the first time I'm playing with them. At best they will get some quick release/velcro limb ties, and if I feel that they can take intox as well as they claimed they could during that first session, only then will I consider more serious bondage and intox for the next session. IF A SUB STARTS FREAKING OUT:

Any professional Domme knows that these submissive men have a tendency to "overstate" their capabilities. A lot of guys will say they can handle heavy poppers use when they can't. Some of them will even have some pretty wild suggestions for how they like to take their poppers that are pretty much guaranteed to make them feel very unwell.

I have one sub who insists on starting the session by soaking panties with a couple of bottles of poppers to trap them under his leather hood while locked in a cage. He lasts about 10 seconds before he's

A, overwhelmed by the amount of poppers and B. literally suffocating from under the panties stuffed in the front of his hood.

Every time he freaks out, I have to remove the panties and bin them and he is unable to take anymore intox for the remainder of his 4 hour session, and yet he insists on doing this every single time! I'm very comfortable and experienced with poppers use and used to this client, it's a situation I can easily manage and he always recovers pretty well, but if you can't or don't want to deal with anything like this, then just insist on administering poppers the way you are comfortable with and refuse to carry out their crazy ideas and suggestions! If a client does freak out, it's important to keep calm, you freaking out along with him isn't going to help the situation. The physical response to being overwhelmed by poppers is almost identical to that of a panic attack, so reducing the panic is an absolute must.

First make sure that your subs airways are clear, immediately remove any hoods or gags and instruct him to breath deeply, after that you can proceed to calmly but quickly free him from any further bondage you might have him in. If you have anything constricting his chest, that should come off next after clearing the airways, limbs are your last priority.

Have him sit comfortably, while it's common to get people who are suffering from a panic attack to put their head between their knees this is not ideal for a sub still experiencing poppers rush as the blood is already rushing through his head and lowering it will only intensify it, he needs to sit up straight with his shoulders back and his diaphragm nice and open for at least 2 - 5 minutes until the rush wears off, while he's in that position waiting for the rush to wear off make sure he has a good gulp of water.

After a few minutes when he is no longer experiencing the blood rush, if his breathing is still a bit erratic then you can have him put his head between his knees and continue to breath deeply. People generally aren't very good at deep breathing at the best of times, least of all when they're in panic mode, so breath along with them so they can follow your rhythm, breath in for 4 seconds, out for 4 seconds and repeat until they are settled. Breathing along with them and making sure they are focused on you will also distract them from their feeling of panic.

Skin to skin contact has an extremely calming effect on human physiology, so gently but firmly stroke their bare back as they breath trying to cover as much area of the back as you can. Try and get them to regularly sip water throughout. For some it can help to have a gentle breeze from a fan on them. The time it takes to regain a calm composure will differ from person to person, but once they are feeling calm, a small sweet snack will help them to feel grounded again.

Freak out's are never fun to deal with, and as the Domme responsible for the safety of a sub they always get your hackles up, but when deciding if dealing with them or not is worth doing poppers sessions, it's also worth remembering that any sub can freak out at any time during a session for any number of reasons, not just poppers, we're doing uncomfortable things and pushing people's limits, so dealing with freak outs of any kind is a necessary skill for any Domme, regardless of whether you allow poppers or not. A poppers freak out isn't really any different from any time any other client might have freaked out on you, so if you could handle that then you got this too.

By following the guidelines I've outlined here and insisting on the methods of administering that you are comfortable with, you can mitigate the risk of freak outs and reduce the possibility of them happening at all. As with any practice in BDSM, it isn't always necessary to avoid the practice altogether as long you know what you are doing, and have firm boundaries in place.

As always, it's your prerogative to do things the way that you are comfortable with.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF POPPERS. Amyl nitrite was first discovered in 1857 and used to ease angina (chest pains) by dilating the blood vessels to allow greater volumes of blood to be delivered to the heart. It originally came in small glass capsules that were cracked open and made a popping sound, hence the name ‘poppers’.

They became popular in showbiz circles in the 1950s and as a street drug in America in the 1960s.

The remaining 3 nitrites have no medical uses and were originally sold in America as a room odouriser and aphrodisiac.

Nitrites first became popular in the UK on the club scene in the 1970s and grew in popularity through the rave scene of the 80s and 90s.

In order to evade authorities and work around drug misuse laws, poppers are frequently touted as vinyl and leather cleaners, metal restorers, video head cleaners and such. But the truth is these nitrites are actually effective at performing all of these things, you really can clean your leather and vinyl with them without causing damage, and polish up your tarnished steel devices. In the UK in the 70's nitrites were popular with DJ's for keeping their vinyl records clean while on set, so it was likely in this setting that their alternative use was accidentally discovered and why they suddenly became so popular in the UK club scene around that time. Through that use and experimentation in the club scene it was quickly discovered that it had further applications for sexual activity and it's popularity boomed in the gay scene.

So far poppers has managed to avoid any heavy regulation or bans in the UK, with the exception of amyl, though really we should be pushing for the UK government to reconsider amyl's provision under the Medicines Act seen as it is a much safer nitrite compared to those they have been happy to allow to proliferate.

Thus concludes My guide to poppers ladies and gents, I hope you have found it informative and useful and that it has cleared up any confusions or misconceptions about the substance. Mostly I hope that the information included here will help My fellow Dominant Ladies and sex workers have a much more fun time with it, or at the very least, no longer have to suffer the side effects of the inferior nitrites whilst being their bad selves in session, because nothing should ever get in the way of that! 😘 Lashings of love, Domina Jemma xxx


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