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DJ's 2021 Chastity Endurance Challenge

Domina Jemma Chastity Key Holder
DJ's 2021 Chastity Endurance Challenge

Just like last year I will be holding another chastity endurance challenge from January 1st next year, and while I had a great selection of boys this year, not a single one of them made it past the end of February, so it was over almost as soon as it started and was quite disappointing!

I hope for 2021 I will have a group of chastity boys with a bit more mettle and dedication!!

While it is a little too early to start accepting entries, I would recommend that in the meantime you follow Me on My AVN stars profile (you can follow for free, or pay to subscribe and access more exclusive content) and join the group I have on the groups page there. The group costs one cent ($) to join (unfortunately AVN haven't set up an option to offer a group for free yet so this is the cheapest I could go!) and is for all potential participants to register their interest in the challenge. Then in early December I will contact you through the group to send out reminders of the rules and request your official entries! You can find the group here:

The rules and prizes are the same as last year, so be sure to read all the following info carefully, failure to abide by the rules of the challenge results in instant disqualification!

How it works:

* The competition is open to eveyone there are no limits on the number of participants nor are there restrictions on what type of sub can enter.

* Keyholding services for the duration of your time in the competition are tributed at a discounted rate of £30 per month (normally £50).

* First months's payment must be received by no later than December 29th to secure your place in the competition so you can prepare to begin the challenge on January 1st.

* The monthly tribute, to be paid by close of business on the last day of each month for the following month, can be paid by UK bank transfer or Amazon GC in ££. (The details you need to use these payment methods are HERE.)

* All participants who have paid by the deadline of December 29th will be provided access to the private chastity chat group I will be running through the Telegram app. This app is a high privacy messaging service app and it is possible to hide your identity & all info from other group chat members. In this group chat we can anonymously discuss worries, questions, funny moments, you boys can advise each other on your experiences, and I will send you all regular exclusive and very naughty pics and clips, teasers and edging / JOI tasks to torment you through your restrictive cock cage! if you have never used this app before I will provide instructions on how to download/install it and how to set your privacy settings for complete anonymity. IT IS NECESSARY FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD AND USE IT TO TAKE PART IN THE COMPETITION, WITHOUT IT YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!


* You are required to already have/purchase your own chastity device.

* You must have paid the first months tribute by the end of the day December the 29th.

* You must download the Telegram app to be added to my chastity group by the 30th.

* On the 31st you need to prepare your chastity devices so that you are already caged and locked at the stroke of midnight on December 31st 2020! (And that's the stroke of the clock at midnight, not the stroke of your cock! Your cage should already be on by then!)

I appreciate that many of you may have plans for new years night, but I will require a verification photo proving that the device is locked in time for midnight from all participants and so I can take a register of all your ID numbers, if you are not able to put on the device and do a verification pic to send by midnight, then you are welcome to put the device on and create/send a verification photo at any point during the day on the 31st instead. Any participant from whom I do not receive a verification photo in the telegram group by midnight on December 31st will be instantly disqualified from the competition.

At the end of the day on the 30th of December in the telegram group I will post the password for this first verification photo.

* A verification photo involves you taking a close up photo of your chastity device while holding a piece of paper next to it on which you will write your telegram username, the day's date and a password that I have provided. It is not necessary to show your face or any identifying features in the photo, if you have tattoos or identifying marks/scars near your groin area, cover them with large plasters for the photo.

* All participants will be required to purchase and lock their devices with plastic ID numbered lock tags, I will make a record of all your numbers and compare My logs with your verification photos. The ID tags will be changed at least once a week due to tasks you will be required to complete, you can buy them cheaply in bulk from Amazon HERE.

* After the initial verification photo required by midnight on December 31st, I will then require a new verification photo from all participants - every 3 days - for which I will provide a new password each time. You will know that it is time to create a new verification photo when I post a new password in the telegram group, from the moment I publish the password you have 48 hours to post your new verification photo, if you miss the deadline, you will be instantly disqualified from the competition.

* If you post a verification photo and the ID number on your device lock tag is different from what was last shown on record, you will be instantly disqualified from the competition. (I may grant permission for temporary removal in "exceptional circumstances" I appreciate some of you have families/doctors visits and stuff happens, but permission must be granted BEFORE removing the device or you will still be disqualified, excuses after the fact won't keep you in the competition.)

* If you miss the deadline for your monthly key holding payment of £30, you will be instantly disqualified from the competition unless:

1. You can prove that your device was never removed without my permission/approval AND

2. Pay the key holding fine within 3 days of the deadline with an additional £10 late payment fee making the total £40. Miss the 3 day extension deadline and you will be disqualified anyway.

*I will post at least 3 edging or JOI tasks per week for which I will permit you temporary release to complete, I expect every participant to complete at least one of the tasks every week, failure to complete at least one of the weeks tasks is a strike, 3 strikes and you will be disqualified from the competition. Temporary release to complete this task should also be the moment you engage in some hygiene upkeep.


I am going to be offering prizes to all those who manage to stay in it for the long run!

All Participants who are still in chastity and have remained so as per the rules of the competition by the 6 month mark of July 1st 2020, will receive a 3 month free subscription to My exclusive AVN Stars content.

All particpants who are still in chastity by the 9 month mark of October 1st 2020 will receive a 6 month free subscription to My exclusive AVN Stars content.

All particpants who complete a full year in chastity from midnight December 31st 2019 to midnght December 31st 2020 will receive a full years free subscription to My exclusive AVN Stars content. as well as a free 30 minute webcam session OR a free 30 minutes extra session time when you book at least an hour of real time session in My dungeon or a Dungeon I may be touring to.

How to enter:

1. Pay January's key holding fee by bank transfer or Amazon gift card with the Details provided HERE.

(Please note that I would prefer bank transfer wherever possible, if you do pay by GC please include a name on the card so I can verify who the payment is from, it doesn't have to be your real name it can be a nickname, but please choose somethng more original than "Paul" or "Steve" etc, common names like these are often chosen by most clients for cover names and will not help me identify which payment is yours!) Please DO NOT EVER write anything other than your chosen name in the gift card notes OR bank transfer reference. Any reference to anything "adult" will result in Me having My accounts closed, THIS IS UNFORGIVEABLE!

2. Send an email to: with the subject title: 2021 CHASTITY ENTRY

List the details you used to send me a tribute (so account surname for bank transfer or reference name, the name you mentioned on the Amazon GC notes) and other fetishes or BDSM interests you have other than chastity. Please let Me know if you require instructions to download and install the telegram app and to configurate the settings for anonymity. If you already have and use the Telegram app, please provide details of your registered phone number or telegram username in the email.

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME WITH THIS INFORMATION UNTIL YOU HAVE PAID THE KEYHOLDING FEE. You may ask sensible questions by email, but please use a different subject title for the email than what I have instructed here so I can keep enquiries and paid entries organised, if you attempt to send the entry email I have requested without making payment first your email will be deleted and you will have to resend it once you have made payment.

3. Once I have received confirmation of payment, I will add you to the Telegram group chat.

4. As per the rules of the challenge - you will make sure to have sent the verification photo of your device and ID tag number clearly on display while you hold a piece of paper with the date, your telegram username and the password of my choice (to be issued in the Telegram group at the end of the day on December 30th) to the telegram group - any time on December 31st 2020 but by no later than 11.59 PM or you will be disqualified from the competition.

I will start accepting entry requests and key holding fees from December, once your payment has cleared and you have provided the necessary email info, you will be added to the chastity entries telegram group chat within a couple of days, however, other than brief introductions when I add you, my engagement in the group will be very limited until I post the password for the start of the the competition on the 30th - and then frequently from the official start of the competition on January 1st!

I will add you to the group in preparation for the start of the event, but please do not send me repeated messages and requests for attention over the Christmas period while I am trying to spend time with My family, group chat contact and engagement with Me starts when the competition starts and not a moment before. It's Christmas and it's not your turn!

I will be managing a leader board of all participants and keeping records of device ID numbers and who spends what time in chastity, using your telegram usernames, I intend to make this record public through my website and social media, so when you are choosing your telegram username please keep in mind to not use something that identifies you personally if that isn't what you want!

Inevitably the weak among you will start to drop like flies and your names will start to rise up the leader board as I disqualify you one by one. The public humiliation aspect of this leader board is the price to pay for your eventual ineptitude. 😂

I can't wait to receive your entries and see who is willing to suffer My cruel sensual torment with absolutely no orgasm just for My pleasure and amusement in.... #DJs2021ChastityChallenge!

DJ x


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