UK Sessions

Sex Swing
St. Andrews Cross
Gym Horse, Golden Shower Comode
Cage, Spanking Bench, Bondage Table
Trampling Frame, Cock Trample Table
Stocks Bench
Queens Throne
Shoe Fetish
Sex Swing

My Equipment:


* Saint Andrews Cross
* Spanking Bench
* Horse
* Bondage table
* Large steel cage with neck collar

* Trampling Frame

* Cock Trampling Table

* Golden Showers Comode

* 4 Suspension Points

* Sex Swing

* Latex Vac Bed

* Violet Wand, E-Stim & Electric Induction

* Light-Weight Beginners Fucking Machine

* Heavy Duty Extreme Fucking Machine

* Automatic Male Masturbation Device

* Full Leather Bondage Body Bag

* Selection of Bondage Ropes

* Collection of Dildos in Various Sizes

* Selection of Mr Hankeys US XXL Dildo's

* Gas Masks

* Poppers Inhalation / Re-Breather Mask

My dungeon is located in East Bristol just 15 minutes from the city centre. This location is easily accessible from Bath, Swindon & Newport in around 30 - 40 minutes, and from Cardiff, Gloucester and Cheltenham in approximately an hour. 

My new premises provide parking, full bathroom facilities with toiletries and towels. Refreshments are also available. 

My play space is well equipped with almost everything you would expect to find in a dungeon, and is glamorously but tastefully decorated with ambient lighting. My bondage furniture is all by Fetters and of the highest quality all with padded leather, there is a large bondage table with many tie points, a Saint Andrews cross with padded, extra securable cuffs, spanking/strap-on/fucking bench, gym horse, dog cage with an integrated collar in the door, trampling frame and cock trampling table, comode for Golden Showers and 4 suspension points with a sex swing. I also have a good size leather cushioned floor mat, foam floor mats, and a latex vac bed.

Amongst the basics in my dungeon there is a selection of whips, floggers, paddles, clamps, gags, candles, hoods and masks (including gas masks), a cupboard dedicated to anal plugs and dildos, a large selection of Jute ropes, consumables like lube, condoms, gloves, sanitiser etc. I also have a violet wand, 2 e-stim units - 1 standard and 1 remote control, an electric induction plate, a magic wand vibrator, a set of rosebud sounds, locking cock table, nipple stretcher, bamboo wrist and ankle spacer bars, a humbler, and a million other random and naughty bits and pieces that you'll just have to come and discover for yourself! :) 

I don't discriminate when it comes to toys, I have floggers I made Myself with untreated bondage rope (ouch!) homemade contraptions given as gifts by slaves, ping pong paddles for bottom slappers and several accessories that are just simple tools from the local DIY store!

My studio is the love of My life, My pride and joy, and constantly updating it with new and fascinating instruments of torture often takes precedence even over My basic living requirements! (It’s an obsession, I know) So if you really want to earn some brownie points with Mistress then the way to her heart is through toys! (and shoes, sadist or not I’m still a woman!)  

Bring a toy to the session as a gift - small or large, factory or handmade, purpose built or household item, it matters not, any contribution to My greatest love will be gratefully accepted and suitably rewarded!

As My studio is being constantly updated with new toys and instruments, you can inform yourself on the latest additions by following My social media accounts linked in the contact session of the site or on the site blog itself, where every new toy is displayed with great joy!