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UK Sessions

These categories aim to separate the painful games from the psychological games! Of course that doesn't mean that pain can't also be cerebral, or that a more psychological session can't be some form of sado-masochism, there's nothing like a good mind fucking to get my sadistic juices flowing! It obviously all depends on the individual!

If the title of a practice is highlighted in colour, click on it to read blog posts containing more detailed information about this practice and how to get into it if you don't have much/any experience.


Intox: I have a full rebreather system to dispense poppers, NOS and chloro. I only use premium amyl poppers from the EU, I permit only moderate use of chloro.

DO NOT request intox if you are suffering from or taking medication for a heart/blood condition, or if you have taken erectile aids like Viagra or Cialis. Intox while using heart medication/viagra comes with a HIGH RISK of total heart failure.

Foot Worship: Massage, bathing my feet, removing nail varnish, painting my nails, licking food from my feet, crush fetish, kissing, licking, boot & shoe worship, bare foot worship, foot slapping, kicking, foot jobs, foot furniture, human carpet, full & half weight trampling, & facial squeezing between feet.

Boot & Shoe Worship: Cleaning my boots with your tongue, sole licking & heel sucking.

Nylon Worship: Worshipping my nylons, stocking or pantyhose.

Rubber, Leather & PVC Worship: Cleaning my dresses, under wear, gloves with your tongue, polishing & shining them with polish. Licking, stroking, sensory appreciation.

Smoking: Cigarette holders, cases and lighting, cigars, human ashtray, forced inhilation & burning.  

Pissing and Spitting: In the mouth, on the face or body, only if I feel you deserve it.

Foot Smothering: Breath play & forced foot worship with my bare or stockinged feet over your mouth & nose, throat, & balls.

General Smothering: Hand, breast & bottom smothering, and sitting on your face to stop you from breathing.

Trampling: Bare foot or in shoes or boots, half weight, full weight and full facial standing.

Humiliation: Degrading tasks, verbal insults, remote control, forced feminisation & dog training are just a few examples.

Public Humiliation: As described above but in a public setting; shops, restaurants, at parties or on the street, 

Forced Feeding: Hot & cold food items, tinned food, dog food & biscuits, half eaten food, food & drink from my mouth, but no substances that will damage the health.

Dehumanisation: Human furniture, objectification, human ashtray, human toilet & stress bondage.

Knife Play: I love to scare the shit out of you with My gnarly hunting knife, threatening your precious cock & balls, but do not actually cut with it.

Bondage: Sensual or restrictive, predicament bondage, sensory deprivation, rope, chain, cuffs, ceram wrap mummification for long & short periods.

I have a leather body bag, straight jacket and latex vac bed.

I am very experienced with rope bondage & suspensions.

Enforced Confinement: Be tied, gagged, & locked in a small space for short or long periods, with or without role play scenarios, long term caging available.

Slut Training: Learn to suck my strap-on, dance like a sexy slut, worship female flesh, swallow your own cum, dress & move like a whore.

Sissy Training: Become the perfect maid and learn how to maintain high standards of cleanliness with domestic training and discipline under the watchful eye of a demanding Mistress.

Forced - Bi: Suck a real man's cock for Mistresses pleasure and entertainment, get fucked in the ass by man, group sessions with other bi slaves.

Role Play: Fantasy & real role play. Naughty nurse, school Mistress, secretary/boss, prison guard, military etc

Pet Play: Puppies, kitties & pigs are My favourite, I have masks, collars leashes etc.

Queening/Face Sitting: Contact of your face with my genitals, with or without underwear, at my discretion only & don't ever demand it!

Erotic Tease: Sensual bondage, blindfolds, sensory deprivation, using my hair, nails, teeth to tease your senses, hot/cold play, ice cubes, stripping, dirty talking, cock & ball bondage, masturbating, foot worship, foot jobs, massaging mistress.

Forced Milking: Draining your balls, sometimes repeatedly, with the use of instruments, manually, or with My Tremblr milking machine.

Sexual Tease & Denial: Sexy teasing, edging, bondage, humiliation, chastity, controlled sex life, masturbation rules, remote domination, sexual denial - forbidden/ruined orgasms & erotic tease.

Financial Domination: Bring a wad of cash to your session & I can charge you extra for things like worship, incorporate payments into games, fine you for bad behaviour etc. (This not included in the session base rate tribute, you must bring extra)

Chastity & Orgasm Control: Chastity devices and key holding, oragsm denial & ruined orgasms, edging, jerk off instruction (JOI) and cum eating instruction (CEI).

Body Worship: I allow foot, leg, hand & full ass worship if I feel you deserve it, I'm not interested in getting My pussy eaten it does nothing for Me. If it were as simple as eating Me out to get Me off, I wouldn't be a kinky sadistic bitch, what get's Me off is a lot more complex than a basic bitch orgasm.


Breath Play: Smothering with ass, breasts, hands feet etc, choking & choke/scissor holds, momentary hanging, water boarding, water submersion, suffocation with plastic bags, cling film, etc, forced inhalation (see Intox) and rebreather rigs.


Spanking: Over the knee, sensual spanking, heavy spanking, spanking over a chair, bound to whipping benches, & over various furniture.

Paddling: I have paddles of a range of different materials; Leather, wooden, fluffy, plastic, studded & PVC.  

Flogging: Sensuale, heavy, stingy  & light floggers of various leather, cat of nine tails, rubber & suedes for use on back, bottom, thighs, nipples, chest, breasts, feet & genitals.

Whipping: I have all kinds of whips, snake, single tail, signal, and bull whips to be used on your back, chest or bottom.

Caning: I have different canes varying in thickness & materials, hands, feet, thighs, legs, arms & bottoms. I also offer judicial caning, see below.

Kicking: Balls, stomach, all over body kicking within limits, I will kick the face but only with bare feet.

Slapping: I love to slap a slave hard in the face, be careful to avoid getting one for bad behaviour, I have a very heavy hand!!

Bastinado: Caning, whipping, flogging, hot wax and paddling of the soles of the soles of the feet.

Corporal Punishment: Impact play (flogging, whipping, caning etc) delivered as a previously agreed amount of strikes, without safeword.

Ball Busting: Kicking, stomping, crushing, stiletto heels, punching, squeezing, slapping.

CBT: Cock & Ball Torture, ball stretching, suction cups, bondage, piercing, hot wax, clamps & weights, urethral sounds, electric shock., irritating substances such as tiger balm or nettles.

Nipple Torture: Teeth, pinching, squeezing, stretching, flicking, biting, suction cups, clamps, pegs, weights, hot/cold torture, burning & cigarette torture, hot wax, stiletto heels.

Play Piercing: Temporary piercing with small gauge needles all over the body. My studio is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for medical safety and sterilisation.

Electro Stimulation: E-stim tens unit, E-stim remote control tens unit, violet wand and electric induction plate. From low stimulation to intense electric shock, attachments for the penis, nipples, and various parts of the body.

Fire & Ice Play: Hot & cold sprays, ice cubes, fire, burning, heat from hot vessels & ice or heat packs. 

Tickle Torture: of any area of the body.

Anal Play: Butt plugs, dildos - electric & normal, manual stimulation or fisting, strap-on play, pegging, figging and extreme dilation.
 I am extremely sensitive to foul odours, anyone coming to me for a session of anal play, should present themselves to me only after an emptying of the bowels and a thorough enema.

Medical Play: This is not really My speciality and there are plenty of medical specialists in the UK that can offer very in depth and detailed medical experiences. But there are some practices here such as needles, sounding, anal (inspections), intox, forced milking etc that can be incorporated into a basic medical roleplay scenario, I have nurses outfits and a doctors coat/stethoscope in My costume collection. I am NOT proficient in more invasive procedures such as saline injections, suturing or catheterisation. I can offer branding with a cauterisation pen (cell popping). 

All of these practices can be performed in a soft or extreme manner depending on the individual's experience, and most can be performed without leaving marks on the body.


Edge Play: 
Edge play just means to go slightly beyond your limits and push you out of your comfort zone or make you a bit fearful, most practices can be pushed as edge play if you are feeling brave enough. 

Consensual Non Consent (CNC): CNC means that you give your Dominant initial consent to whatever they want, even if later on in the session you may decide you don't like it, object or ask for them to stop something they are doing. Essentially, by giving CNC, you are agreeing that your consent is not conditional, cannot be withdrawn in the agreed time, and that safe words will be ignored. This requires a lot of TRUST & should not be tried in new relationships or sessions with Dominants you don't know very well.

Be wary of any Dominant that agrees to CNC if they don't know you, it is frequently used as justification for ABUSE.


I am open to suggestions for fantasies and practices that may not be listed here, (if not listed under NO on my rules page!) as long as they conform to the guidelines of SSC - Safe Sane & Consensual, or that can be arranged under a rack assessment (Risk Aware Consensual Kink).


I will by no means consider requests for things such as forced consumption of expired pharmaceuticals or chemical cleaning agents, or any other harmful and potentially fatal substances. I will not expose anyone to harmful or potentially fatal infections. I will not engage in situations of public humiliation that could lead to arrest or worse. Nor will I consider requests for castration, I have no intention of removing your testicles nor am I medically qualified to do so. I will not burn your face with an iron leaving you horrifically scarred for life, nor will I hammer 4 inch rusty nails into your navel, run you over with a car, or engage in any other harmful and potentially fatal practise for that matter.

As absurd as these things might sound, they are genuine requests I have received in the past. I would strongly advise to anyone seeking practices so extreme that they enter into the realms of self harm, that you seek the services of a therapist or a medical professional rather than a professional Mistress. BDSM should be about pushing boundaries, not self annihilation. 

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