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UK Sessions

Mistress Bristol, Mistress Gloucestershire, Mistress South West, Latex Fetish, Caning, Corporal Punishment

You are advised to read these rules very carefully and thoroughly. Your understanding and acceptance of these rules is the first sign to a Mistress that you are a person to be taken seriously.

I do not easily forgive violations of my rules as they are mostly based on a few fundamental elements of basic human decency, things that you should all already be familiar with:


First and foremost I DO NOT offer sexual intercourse or oral sex, nor do I seek sexual services for My own pleasure such as oral sex. I do not offer an escort service.


My pleasure comes from your sufferance and servitude, not from sexual gratification. I can teach you how to become the perfect submissive or slave in different areas of servitude, using methods of control, punishment and reward in an erotic context,


but My genitals are not a goal post to work towards, submit in exchange for, attempt to earn etc!



 I only accept contact via email and calls, I will NEVER respond to private / anonymous numbers or text messages so it is pointless to even try. I do not engage in idle chat on smartphone apps such as whatsapp and facetime etc, I have these for My personal use only and I do not respond to unknown contacts. If you wish to speak to Me the only way you will get a response is by email for enquiries or calling Me to make a booking. 

* Please allow the phone to ring long enough for Me to answer, I'm not the kind of person who spends their life with a mobile device glued to their face 24/7 and I may not be in the same room as My phone when you call, (sometimes I'm just in the bathroom!), so let it ring out and give Me a chance to get to it! 

If I still don't answer when you call then try again later, this does not mean again and again every 30 seconds until you drive Me to madness and inconvenience Me, try again a couple of minutes later and if you still can't get through leave it a half hour. I may be in session which generally last an hour or 2 so take that into consideration when planning your next call. I never switch my phone off but My new premises is in a poor signal area, so if My phone goes straight to voicemail don't assume that I am unavailable, it may be that My signal has dropped for a moment, so wait a couple of minutes and try again.

* Respect My calling hours (10 am - 10 pm), I'm not running a 24 hour massage parlour and I will not be answering 2 am booty calls. I am entitled to out of work hours and a private life just like you, and I like My beauty sleep! Numbers that call Me at inappropriate times are saved and never answered again.

* During our call be polite, respectful and concise, I don't shock or embarrass easily and I certainly don't judge, anything you have to say I will have heard many times before so speak freely about what it is you are looking for and get to the point. I receive many calls everyday and I simply do not have the time for idle chit chat.

* I do not want to engage in endless, fruitless discussions about your sexual fantasies, nor do I seek virtual relationships, I am not a telephone counselling service or a BDSM information tourist board.

 I do not want to go on a date, or for dinner or coffee, I am not looking for company, a boyfriend or new friends, I am looking for serious and convinced slaves and submissives who are ready to learn and serve.

* I do not accept solicitations from those wishing for a position as a personal slave, I already have a small team of personal servants and if you wish to join those ranks you will make an appointment for a paid session and then use that time to impress Me and demonstrate your skills, potential and usefulness. I receive too many requests for a personal position every week and I am not prepared to waste a substantial amount of My time auditioning every submissive that asks, just to discover that 95% of you are not up to My high standards. 


I expect you to contact Me and give reasonable warning for cancellations. If you make an appointment with Me and fail to attend without proper warning, you will be black listed and lose the opportunity of an appointment with Me at all.


10 minutes before you are due to arrive is not reasonable warning, it takes Me an hour just to get ready for the session. I don't sit around in heavy make up and leather all day 'just in case' the phone rings, I have a private life, and I don't appreciate wasting My time in putting the effort into getting ready for you, just for you to not show up or cancel when I've already spent an hour making Myself hot as hell for your enjoyment! 

If you fail to turn up to a session without giving reasonable warning, you will not be given another booking until you have paid for the missed session in full and the next booking in advance. This is the only way you can earn my trust back, and is not up for discussion or negotiation. 

Being given My time and a chance to witness My astounding beauty for yourself is an honour and a privilege that should not be abused and for which you should be grateful!
I do not tolerate timewasters, and after 20 years in the game, please don't think that I don't know how to recognise you!


* NO scat, adult baby play, sessions in return for service, sessions including animal waste. No play or reference to minors, and no practices that con be harmful or potentially fatal.

* I may not offer "sexual services" but My teachings remain of an erotic, adult nature, for this reason you must be over the age of 18 to serve Me! If you come for a session and you have a pretty baby face I will ask you for proof of age! Fail to present it and I will refuse to do the session!

* Please be on time for your session. I always try to leave a little time between My sessions so you might be able to get away with 10 minutes and 10 strokes of the cane if you're lucky, but I will not allow your tardiness to affect My following appointments. If you do not arrive on time you risk having that time deducted from your session and you will still be required to pay full tribute to your Mistress.

* Make sure you are well informed about the tribute amount you are expected to pay before you show up to the session. I will not be offering discounts just because you failed to inform yourself of such an important detail, if you then need to go to a cash machine that time may also be deducted from your session.

* I will not perform sessions on persons that I believe to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, so make sure you are clean and sober before you present yourself to Me. 

* You will address Me as Domina, speak when you are spoken to, and have a polite and respectful attitude at all times. Unlike other Mistresses I do not expect you to avoid My gaze, I like the person I am interacting with to look Me in the eye.

Do not contact Me unless you are aware of your position, I demand respect at all times, a demonstration that you know how to treat a real Mistress, and that you intend to take your sessions with Me seriously.

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