UK Sessions


* Do you accept couples?

Absolutely yes! One of the greatest satisfactions I get out of my job is sharing my skill and knowledge to help couples broaden their sexual horizons, so whether you are just looking to have a new kinky experience with your partner, are wanting to surprise them with a naughty birthday surprise, or are just looking to play with a professional to get some new tips and ideas, I would welcome you both into my dungeon!

* Can we do the session in my hotel room / home?

I prefer to do the sessions in my studio, not only because it's a safe and comfortable environment for me, but also because it’s already equipped with everything I could ever need! Furthermore, outcalls can be inconvenient because I don't drive and the time that I spend travelling to reach you and to return home again afterwards on public transport, is time lost in my studio with other subs. If you can afford to pay for the time I waste travelling, as well as the travel expenses and the contribution for the session, then I am open to discuss it, though I make no guarantees!

* Can I invite you to my city outside the organised tour dates?

I am willing to travel to most cities within the UK and other countries, but always depending on the situation: what you are looking for, how long I will stay for, where I will stay etc, and obviously this will be at your own expense. It will be up to you to arrange everything to my satisfaction and cover the expenses, as well as the contribution for my time.

Alternatively you can sponsor a tour in which you would cover the travel expenses, accommodation and dungeon hire for 2 days and nights in exchange for a discounted rate on your session and if you help to promote Me so that the tour is successful and I can build a client base in your region then I will have reason to return to your area regularly at my own expense.

* Do you accept novices / first time subs?

I do accept novices and subs with little experience though I expect you to be respectful, ready to learn, and to obey my rules at all times.
First time subs should have a clear idea of the practices that they are interested in, I always command, but I need to know what you at least believe you love and hate before I can begin to understand what kind of submissive you are. Otherwise, it's possible that I may ask you to perform tasks that you are just not mentally ready for, ruining your first experience and perhaps resulting in a lack of desire to try the experience again.

* Do you accept sessions of foot fetishism only?

I do accept sessions of foot fetish because I love to be adored and have my feet cared for, but just because you are a fetishist rather than a sub, it does not change the fact that I am still a Mistress, and expect to be treated as such. It doesn't matter to me if you do not have a submissive nature, in my studio I will be respected as I command, you will leave your arrogance at the door and kneel to show me your gratitude for the honour of being at my feet. Don't expect to treat me like a prostitute because as a fetishist only, you fail to comprehend the complexities of a dominant/submissive relationship.

* Can other people be involved in the session?

If you are looking to serve one or more dominants male or female, I know other talented and experienced people that are featured on the collaborations page.
If you are interested in a session with participation from other submissives, it’s necessary to send me an email telling me about yourself and your interests, so I can compare it with others received and find another compatible submissive to involve in your session. If you are interested in forced bi I hold a group session with like minded subs, please see my blog for the post with more info.

* Do I have to pay for the session?

All sessions have a fixed rate contribution as detailed on the rates page. Anyone who believes that it is payment in exchange for sexual services rendered is in the wrong place. 
The contribution is not only for the honour of my time that I dedicate to you, but for the benefit of the teachings of a professional and experienced Mistress who provides an exceptionally high standard, rarely seen in this unregulated industry. Most importantly your contribution serves to sustain this very expensive activity.

The contribution is not just for the hour that you spend in session with me, it also covers:

* the 10 hours a day I spend at this PC, marketing myself so you can find me, advertising costs, the publishing of photos and videos to your request, responding to thousands of your emails and messages, maintaining and updating this website that provides you all the information you could ever need (Yes, it is entirely my own creation and work, no third party has ever touched this site!), maintaining my presence on various social networks and many other mundane tasks besides.

*The many costs of the website itself, and the photography included in the freely available photo gallery of over 1000 fetish images and counting.

*The convenience of my availability permitting you to book an appointment at a time best suited to your needs.

*The cost of a discreet and spacious home which provides the space we need to play and the privacy necessary to conduct our sessions.

*The costs of the several thousands of pounds worth of top quality equipment and instruments in the studio, needed to be able to fulfill your darkest fantasies.

*The costs of your fetishes for this kind of shoe, or that kind of stocking, or the dress made from that particular material, and all the other costume requests that I regularly receive.

I've heard it said too often that a Mistress who charges for her sessions can only be in it for the money and not for the passion, and this makes me so angry. Other than the fact that BDSM is my biggest passion and a huge part of my personal and private life also (I was married to my personal sub!), BDSM done at a high and professional standard has SERIOUS overheads, and just as in any business or enterprise, those overheads have to be covered in order to be able to operate.

Providing a service to the standard of which I provide requires full time dedication, so you either contribute to the enormous expenses of this activity, or it's just not possible to do.

And really, why shouldn't I be compensated for the hours and money I constantly invest, to be able to provide you the best possible experience?