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UK Sessions

Generally speaking I am primarily a real time Domme and online Domination is secondary for Me despite the rise of it over Covid, so I always prioritise My real time sessions over online ones, and don't take appointments for online sessions (unless I have specifically announced that I will be available on a given day) so that I remain free should I receive a booking for an in person session.

This is the only way that really works for Me seen as I accept mostly same day bookings.

As such, the only way to book an online session in advance is by offering generous compensation (above My standard rate!) which would convince Me to forego the potential of an in person session to give you My time instead!.

Seen as I don't generally accept advanced appointments for online sessions, you need to be able to find out when I am online for chat or cam sessions, and there are 2 ways to do that: 


LoyalFans is a subscription site similar to Onlyfans but with a few key differences -

* You can follow Me for free without paying a subscription and view My free content

* You can choose to purchase individual content items pertaining to your fetish instead of a full subscription

* It has a paid chat facility to enable text only online sessions
* It has a paid live stream facility so I can offer online domination to a group

* It has a web cam facility which allows me to do 1 or 2 way cam sessions with individuals

As long as you are following Me for free, I will appear on a list of profiles you are following to the right of the screen, and it will inform you when I am live streaming and when I am available for individual cam calls..

On LoyalFans "online" and "available for video calls" are not the same thing, I can be sat in My pyjamas uploading content and it will show Me as online, but I have to specify that I am taking video calls by activating it and it will tell you specifically if I have done that. So if you see Me as just generally online, you can engage Me anytime for text chat, My direct message centre is already set up with an automatic charge of 50 cents (US) per message you send and I reply to (it doesn't charge until I reply), so feel free to chat to Me any time, no additional payment is necessary unless I request a tip or you are asking for something on top of the basic chat such as photos or findom.

You can follow Me here:



The Telegram App is similar to Whatsapp, but it allows you full anonymity via it's privacy settings where you can hide your number from users not in your contact list as well as assign an anonymous username, so when you become a member of the group, the other members will not be able to access your private details.

As a member of the group you will receive real time notifications of when I am available for online sessions, some may give advance notice and some may be last minute, but when you receive the notification you can request an appointment for that availability within the group itself. 


Once you have downloaded the telegram app you can find My group or by searching "DJ's Cam Session Notification Group" or use the following direct link:

If you struggle to find My group just send Me a private message on Telegram and I will add you to the group Myself.

When I am available for online I will go cross platform, so I will be logged into LoyalFans and Adultwork cams at the same time, and be accepting calls through skype, or a video call through a private chat on the Telegram app. 

Both LoyalFans and Adultwork cams have the payment processing built in, you will need a credit or debit card linked to your profile on these sites, but if you choose to do the online session direct with Me through Skype or Telegram, you will need to pay Me directly.

I will always prefer a direct bank transfer of cash for payment, I can't pay My bills with gift cards, but if you really can't do a bank transfer I will accept an Amazon or Etsy gift card as payment. I will let you know which card to send when W/we make arrangements.


My rates for online sessions via LoyalFans or Adultwork may vary depending on the fees and the commission cuts the sites take at the time, but the prices for a direct payment text or video session on Skype or Telegram are as follows:

Text Only Session Costs:

15 Minutes  £20 

30 Minutes  £40 

   45 Minutes  £60    

 1 Hour        £80 

 2 Hours       £150

1 or 2 Way Video Call Session Costs:

15 minutes  £30 

30 minutes  £60 

   45 Minutes  £90    

  1 hour        £110 

 2 hours       £200

Etsy, which is My preferred gift card option over Amazon as they offer much better quality fetish wear, leather and BDSM toys, only offer online gift cards in 4 specific denominations, so if I request an Etsy card I will offer My time for each denomination as follows:

Text Only Session Costs:

10 Minutes  £15 

20 Minutes  £25 

   35 Minutes  £50    

  90 Minutes  £125 

1 or 2 Way Video Call Session Costs:

10 Minutes  £15 

15 Minutes  £25 

   30 Minutes  £50   

  75 Minutes  £125

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