UK Sessions


In a web cam session you can serve your Mistress online, submitting to My every desire, humiliating yourself and punishing yourself at My command, for My pure pleasure and entertainment.

If you are a fetishist, you can watch Me dress Myself in leather, or tease you with my feet. The possibilities depend on your fantasies. 

WebCam Session Costs:

Web cam session 15 minutes  £30 

Web cam session 30 minutes  £60 

   Web cam session 45 Minutes  £90    

  Web cam session 1 hour        £110 

 Web cam session 2 hour        £200

It is difficult for Me to arrange appointments for cam sessions as My in person sessions are booked on a same day only basis, so I never know what My availability will be from one day to the next and in person sessions are always My priority.

As such, if you would like to know when I am available for cam sessions you need to join My special notifications group through the Telegram App. 

This app allows you full anonymity via it's privacy settings where you can hide your number from users not in your contact list as well as assign an anonymous username, so when you become a member of the group other members will not be able to access your private details.

As a member of the group you will receive real time notifications of when I am available for online sessions, some may give advance notice and some may be last minute, but when you receive the notification you can request an appointment for that availability within the group itself. 

After we are in agreement you can then make payment for you cam session by bank transfer or gift card. I prefer etsy or amazon gift cards, both can purchased online and the codes sent to my email address. I will generally hold cam sessions through Skype, or through the Telegram App itself, but within a private connection between us and not within the group. I do not use Whatsapp for work purposes ever, it is strictly for My personal use so please do not contact Me there. 

Once you have downloaded the telegram app you can easily find me through My usual name and number, if you are struggling to locate Me, temporarily add My number to your contacts to find Me, you can remove My number from your contacts list once we have established contact through the app and I have added you to My group.