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Important Considerations For Planning A Public Humiliation Scene

March 26, 2019

Public humiliation is quite a popular request and recently I have been receiving more and more inquiries for it, but there is a hell of a lot to think about in public humiliation, from a legal, personal, professional, emotional and community perspective, it's not something to get into without first giving it some serious thought. 

Depending on what you want to do in public you could be breaking the law, being seen by the wrong person could cause massive implications in both your personal and professional life and have a knock on effect on your emotional well being, it's also quite a controversial practice potentially causing a backlash, both in and out of the BDSM community. 


Most who call me have never given any thought to the consequences of their actions, so if public humiliation is something you're thinking about, do the responsible thing and read up properly on what public humiliation could actually involve. 


The Law Vs. Public Perception - Evaluating the risk of a scene


So if we consider methods of public humiliation that are technically illegal, let's use the basic example of nudity or even having sex, then you need to be considering the possibilities and consequences. (Keeping in mind that while most BDSM practices are not illegal to do, performing them in public could be considered some form of indecency or exposure}

If you walk through the town center naked on a busy lunchtime or are getting it on in a public park you're likely to be arrested as a public nuisance, if it's an area with a large presence of children then people are gonna be really pissed and rightly so, you could be looking at the sex offenders register, being squirreled off in the woods somewhere where you might get caught by a couple of dog walkers however, not so bad, even if they call the police at the very least you have time to get dressed and run!


The reality is that any Mistress you contact for a public humiliation session is probably not going to want to take the risk of breaking the law to help you out, but the context of the situation and the public perception in that context are really important things to take into consideration when planning a public humiliation scene. You might want to walk down the high street in full rubber gimp get up, on a Monday lunch time that's probably going to be an issue, 11.30 on a Saturday night however, and you'll probably just be confronted with a bunch of pissed up piss takers! No parent wants to explain to a child why there is an adult man walking around the supermarket with a nappy hanging out of his jeans, which wouldn't even be that suspicious if you weren't being tailed by a stunning woman in stockings and heels, but one o'clock in the morning at the 24 hour tesco's and you'll probably just be providing the knackered night shifters a bit of entertainment.


Know your location, know your audience, familiarise yourself with the legal consequences and whatever the hell you do just stay away from the children, that kind of proximity to minors when it comes to anything with a sexual dynamic makes people hysterical, you can't really blame them and it's not the perception we want the public to have of the BDSM community. 


Lastly you really need to think about your privacy, we live in a world where everyone has a camera in their pocket and we think nothing of snapping a photo of total strangers then sharing them with the world, it is not uncommon these days for scenes of public humiliation in a BDSM context to go viral, it happened again just a couple of weeks ago and hit national news. That could be you, the likely hood of being filmed or photographed by a member of the public, if not several, is extremely high. I work with young adults in sexual education and I am constantly having to remind them that it is not OK to take a photo of someone without their consent in any context!

While there is always potential to really genuinely upset people, most British people thrive on taking the good old fashioned piss out of each other, you have to consider the consequences of you becoming a viral joke and how that may affect your personal life. It's unlikely you can walk round tescos wearing a nappy even at 1 am, if you're wearing a mask to protect yourself from random photo snappers but now look like you're just going to rob the joint.