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Photo Blog - Dudley Live Anal Demo

I've had a busy month travelling here there and everywhere so I'm glad to finally find the time to create this post and share with you all the photos taken at the live anal demo at KlubKink in Dudley with myself, the two gorgeous ladies Miss Julia Taylor and Mistress Erika and superslut trav Kinky Steph!

It was an incredibly fun evening filled with giggles and laughter, and though kinky steph was not on top form we still managed to get 3 fists in her slutty gaping arsehole! Miss Julia tried to pile drive a strap on into Stephs ass that was so huge, the tiny frame of Miss Julia alone just couldn't provide the power to get it in there, so as good friends do Mistress Erika and I joined forces behind Miss Julia and used our combined strength to drive that monster home in a strap on chain gang!

We had such an amazing time and are really looking forward to organising a similar event, in the meantime we hope you enjoy these fantastic photos of our live extreme anal demo!

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