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Booking a Forced - Bi session with Me

I have been really struggling recently to organise forced - bi sessions ad hoc, while there are plenty of you interested in such scenarios, arranging 2 subs to play with each other that are both available at the exact same moment is frequently rather difficult, even if you can fix something down - shit happens, plans change, appointments get cancelled.

Everybody has their commitments between family and work and these things obviously have to take priority, but it does mean that most of these session requests end up being unfulfilled so I am changing the way I arrange forced bi sessions to try and improve this situation, I appreciate there is not a lot in the south west region that caters for this particular taste.

So now instead I hold a forced Bi group session for several like minded subs, once a month, held on the first Wednesday of every month from 1 pm to 3 pm. (No event to be held in January)

Those interested in attending are expected to be available for the full 2 hour slot.

How To Book

Those interested in joining the group session must express their interest to Me by email. In the week running up to each event I send emails out to all those who have enquired as a reminder, to which I await the responses from those who wish to attend so I can establish how many are interested for the next event and to know if we have the numbers to go ahead with the session. Assuming there are spaces remaining you may inform Me of your desire to attend up to 48 hours prior to the event. If it turns out that there are only 2 interested participants, you will both be informed so you can decide if you still wish to go ahead.

There are occasions when the session does not go ahead this is usually either due to a lack of availability on the side of the participants, or because among those who are interested there is not a balance of tops and bottoms. (it's all very well and good being willing to suck cock like a dirty bitch, but if there is nobody willing to be the alpha cock that get's sucked... well, you can see the problem! I receive many enquiries from greedy bottoms, but not as many from willing tops!)

In order to avoid wasting the time of a whole group of people, a deposit of £50 is necessary to confirm your booking, it can be paid by bank transfer or Amazon GC.

Deposits must be paid by no later than midday of the day before, if I have not received your deposit by this time I will assume that you are no longer attending, you must not be late paying because if there are already small numbers involved this could lead to cancellation of the group session, even if you still intended to pay the deposit later it could be too late and re-organising everyone a second time could be a huge hassle for everyone involved.

Before you go huffing and puffing about deposits and trust, let me remind you that if you can't trust me with a £50 deposit you definitely shouldn't be trusting me with your body and personal safety, besides that, I have a 17 YEAR REPUTATION that I am not about to put at risk along with my earning potential, just to steal a measly £50 quid that wouldn't even cover one of my bills this week never mind the huge loss of earnings I would suffer if people thought I was a thief. I'm running a proper, legal, HMRC registered business here, so despite the nature of my work I can still be held accountable by law for fraudulent actions towards or involving My customers.


A group session with just myself and the forced-bi subs is charged at slightly less than My usual rate: The full 2 hour slot is £200

Occasionally I may invite other professionals to attend a forced-bi group session, just to mix it up once in a while and keep it interesting.These other professionals could be Dominant men or women, TS girls or BBC male escorts I work with (details of My BBC guys below) , in these instances the cost to attend will be increased to cover the fees of all attending professionals but will vary depending on their personal rate requirements, potential attendees will be informed of the new rate for a particular event that other professionals may attend.

Cancellations / Deposit Refunds

If you have paid a deposit but the session ends up being cancelled due to low numbers or other expected participants not paying their deposit, you can choose between a full refund or having your deposit transferred to a future group session date. Refunds will be made by bank transfer or PayPal (I only send funds via PayPal I do not receive them), but there may be a delay if you paid your deposit by Amazon GC as your money is locked with Amazon and I will have to access My own private funds to reimburse you.

Once your deposit has been paid, it will not be refunded or transferred if the session goes ahead but you don't turn up, even if you give a few hours notice.

What To Expect In A Group Session

When in a group session it is important to remember that not everyone in the group will be at the same level, some of you may want more than the others can cater for and nothing can occur between the subs present without explicit consent between yourselves and not just to me, so you do not have to worry about doing anything you do not really want to.

It is up to Mistress to best partner you all off within the group according to your varying levels of experience and limits, give commands on your activities and supervise the situation at all times.

With that said, as long as all are in agreement any degree of filth between you could occur, cock sucking, ass fucking, facials, gangbangs, bukkake, felching, there is no limit to the debauchery that I will get you involved in other than your own personal limits. Mistress will also participate with a large strap on!

If you have confirmed / intend to confirm your attendance for a forced-bi group session, then please take note of the following information:

*You may wear a mask or hood during the session if you wish to not be identified by the other participants. I have plenty of hoods and masks I can provide for you.

*No penetrative sex between the participants shall occur without a condom, though if you prefer to give oral without, consume semen etc this choice is at your own discretion.

*There may be differing interests among the group participants (some will bottom but not top or vice versa, some will suck but not fuck etc, though I do always try to make sure there is a good balance) and so you may be paired off with one or more people in the group who have interests similar to your own. Nothing will occur in the session without your explicit consent. That being said, as long as there is consent there is no limit to the filth and debauchery that could occur between you.

*If you are new to these kinds of scenarios I appreciate that it can be very nerve wracking, rest assured you will not be involved in anything you do not want to be, if you are feeling nervous and would just like to watch for a while before you are comfortable enough to join in then that is not a problem for Me.

*As the Dominant Female it will be My role to oversee the session, assigning activities between compatible participants, ensuring safety as well as participating with My strap on and fists!

*If some of you are interested in being filmed then please make sure you bring a copy of your ID and are prepared to sign a model release form with your real information, I will NOT be filming the activities of the participants that do not wish to sign the release.

* It is advised that in the few days prior to the session you avoid heavy meals, asparagus and alcohol, keep your protein intake to a minimum and drink plenty of water. On the day of the event you should avoid breakfast and lunch if possible, keep it light if not. All participants interested in receiving anal are required to perform a full enema on themselves before the event (It is expected that all attendees arrive a little earlier than 1 pm in order to have time to prepare anyway) so if you need to use the bathroom here to perform your enema that is fine, but you should organise your own personal equipment for the enema, I have an enema bulb but it requires too much time to sterilise between uses if more than 1 of you need to use it. Basic disposable enema kits can be bought cheaply from any pharmacy, otherwise you can find enema bulbs and other equipment in most sex shops.

My BBC Boys

I have now formed a working relationship with 2 beautiful Dominant black males from London who just love abusing submissive men with their meaty cocks, on occasion I may invite them to join us in a forced bi session! So it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Prince and Rico! Both men may also be available for individual session requests outside of the forced bi group, more information about them can be found on My "Collaborations" page.

I'm trying to make it easier to bring like minded subs together for these kinds of sessions as I know that a lot of you are frustrated in the lack of opportunities and the difficulty involved in organising such a thing in our region, and by holding this event on the same fixed day every month so people can easily remember when, it is working out much better! I really REALLY love forced bi sessions and as time passes and awareness spreads, this is event is gaining more popularity and interest!

DJ x

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