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London Tour - January 27/28/29

Good news for all My London subs, I'm coming back at the end of the month and as usual it's going to be an action packed week!

Monday January 27th - London, Shadwell - from 2 pm til 8 pm I will be available for one to one sessions at a private, equipped studio. Godess Cleo will be joining Me for double sessions after 8 pm.

Tuesday January 28th - London, Shadwell - All Day - I will be available for double sessions with the gorgeous Goddess Cleo.

Wednesday January 29th - London, Shadwell - 1 pm - 4 pm - Beautifully Destroyed Multi Mistress Play Party, with Myself, Goddess Cleo and Mistress Karina.

If you wish to attend this event please apply via the official website:

Thursday January 30th - London, Shadwell - 11 pm to 5 pm - Goddess Cleo, The Foxtress and Myself will be accepting limited applications from film slaves for an afternoon of kinky content creation. All practices considered, Tribute required.

**I may consider cash point meets in the Shadwell area on any of these days, to be arranged same day according to My availability between sessions**

Thursday January 30th - London - PEDESTAL PARTY - 9 pm onwards. Yes that's right boys I will be attending Club Pedestal on the Thursday night! Don't be afraid to come up and introduce yourselves, though any play I engage in shall be at My enjoyment and discretion - so adjust your expectations accordingly, I'm not attending this event just to service your kinks all night!

Please click HERE to view My session rates in London.

I will likely be available for sessions in Bristol again from February 1st.

* All bookings require a £50 deposit, be it for a one to one session, a double session with Myself & Goddess Cleo, or for the filming day. For the double sessions and filming day you can book either through Myself or Goddess Cleo, but please note I only accept deposits via bank transfer, Goddess Cleo may offer other payment alternatives for deposits but it is up to you to find out what they might be so you can decide who best to book through. To make inquiries or book through Goddess Cleo, please visit her website and follow her instructions carefully.

* If you wish to enquire with Me directly about a one to one session with Me or a double with Goddess Cleo too, then you are welcome to send questions via email, though I much prefer a phone call and I don't always have time to respond to My emails frequently so it may be a few days before you receive a reply, so if you are serious about making sure you get a booking you would do better to call Me so we can quickly negotiate and agree on the details. I do not ever respond to texts or whatsapp. If you already have all the info you need and are ready to confirm a booking, then accompany that confirmation with a paid deposit by sending a £50 bank transfer with your initials as the reference, to the account details provided HERE.

* If you are interested in participating in the filming day with Myself, Goddess Cleo & The Foxtress, then please email details about your skills, experience and limits to:

Tribute is required - £150 masked or £150 unmasked.

* I do not have anything to do with the bookings or the organisation of the Wednesdays Domina party, I literally just share info of My attendance, turn up and beat your ass. If you wish to attend or have requests for information about the event then you must apply/inquire directly through the event organisers via the website link I have provided above in the schedule, again a deposit will be required to book your place. This is a very popular event that typically always sells out, so if you are keen to attend it is not advised to leave organising your booking until the last minute, you will miss out and I may not attend this particular event again for many months.

* While in London I may still accept same day sessions if there are still openings in My diary, however if you want a same day appointment you must call Me to organise it before Midday as I will be too busy to respond after. You will still be required to pay a deposit by bank transfer, be ready to send it as soon as you have called Me to make your booking. I will not be chasing you for it or waiting either, the appointment will go to the first who makes a deposit payment, if you mess around and your appointment is taken by someone else then that's on you, I will be far too busy to deal with time wasters and the unorganised.

I think that covers everything gentlemen! I'm looking forward to catching up with some of My devoted London subs as well as spending some time having debauched fun with Divine Ladies, so don't miss out on the chance to serve Me while in London or with these other fantastic Mistresses!

DJ x

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