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UK Sessions

It can be hard work for a Mistress, constantly maintaining Her beauty, updating & caring for Her equipment & toys that Her lowly slaves love to play with so much. Sometimes it’s necessary to treat your Mistress with gifts, not only to help maintain and sustain this very expensive activity, but also to make sure you please Her & adore Her as any good slave would...

Purchase a gift for your Mistress from the sites suggested or with guidance from My wish list below, and if you are fortunate enough that I deem the gift worthy... you may just be rewarded...

For information on where to send the gifts you have purchased, send me an email.

Alternatively you can send an amazon gift card to the email address 


I love all kinds of gothic, dark, rock, alternative and fetish items, but my own particular fetishes in order are:

TOYS - If you've looked at the studio page then you know that my studio is my baby, and it's a mother’s responsibility to make sure her baby grows :)

LEATHER - some prefer rubber, some like Lycra, I am a skin on skin kind of girl ;)

SHOES/BOOTS - any style, any colour, the more bizarre the better, but always with the highest heels possible!

CORSETS - although fetish fashion permits me so many wonderful styles, at heart I am a vintage vixen!

LACE/LINGERIE - anything from sexy underwear to dresses to shoes, if it’s lacy its love!

DIAMONDS - they are a girl’s best friend you know! Aware that diamonds are perhaps too costly, I would be happy with anything that makes me sparkle, I particularly love opals.


If you are looking for a small, simple or easily obtainable gift to present to me at a live session as a token of your appreciation for my beauty and prowess, I can suggest to you the following items:

* House Plants- I collect them & prefer them to fresh flowers, especially large plants!

* Jewellery- (Costume as well as precious)

* Perfume- (Please, no more "J'Adore" I am drowning in the stuff.)

* Cosmetics -  

MAC, Obsession (Boots) MU Revolution (Superdrug) or anything from

* Nail Polish- normal or UV gel

 * BDSM toys & accessories from any standard adult store

* Nylon/Silk stockings

* Gift Vouchers (especially Dunelms or Home Sense)

* Juul pods (berry) or Elf bars 20mg (any flavour except tobacco and menthol)(these are vaping products widely available in UK shops & garages)

I am veggie & don't eat sugar!



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